Death cannot stop true love....

...It can only detain it for awhile.

I miss it already.  How could it have happened?  I had her by my side as she went black, her one eye saw no more.  No longer did she see the beauty I pointed out to her capturing gaze.   We plan on talking to the specialists about her come Monday...hopefully they can restore what she has lost.  

You wonder who it is I mourn over?

My lovely, wonderful Camera dear. 

I was taking pictures of an old car that was on the side of the road, when we got back to the van, she wouldn't turn on and her lens wouldn't retract.  I changed the battery.  No avail.  A little beep came up, and her black screen showed the white letters telling me that I needed to restart my camera because there was a lens error.  I tired that.  Like 15 times.  Nothing.  MY $500 CAMERA IS BROKEN.

No. No, NO!

My lovely, what am I to do without you?


I shall have to use my Dad's $200 one this weekend.  So sad.

Now, I am in despair.  My poor camera.


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