Outside my window... Hot.  To hot for the likes of me.

I am thinking...    Hmm...Thought happen to be the mysteries of the thinkers.

I am thankful for...  Life. Quotes.  Movies. Laughs.

From the kitchen... 

I am wearing...   Jeans, A blueish colored shirt and a white under shirt, since the neckline to the other in rather low.

I am creating... NOTHING!!! 
I am going... Nowhere.  Though I hope to go see Joanner before to long...{Hint JoJo}.

I am reading...   This is sad, nothing!  I'm wishing my new book load would hurry up, as I have resorted to reading my English Handbook.  Not very interesting.
I am hoping... That all my dreams come true.  But I don't have a fairy waiting to grant me all my wishes, so most probably wont.  At least I hope to get a Canon 7D.

I am hearing...  Our Ac rattling.  Or, more accurately,. rattling the wall behind my head.  I've gotten used to it.

Around the house...Daddy is on his way home, my bedroom is actually clean....ish,  Dinner is soon to be made, And Shiloh is doing great!!

One of my favorite things...Shiloh, Movies, friends, family.

A few plans for the rest of the week:....... I think we have no plans, oh, wait we're going food shopping tomorrow...Walmart...HERE WE COME!!

Here is picture  I am sharing...  I have 3...enjoy!


  1. YAY! A Non-giveaway post! <3

    Our houses/lives sound very similar. xD Must the Florida girl thing!

  2. Ashley, I absolutely adore your cute fashionable little blog. Definitely one of the cutest I've ever seen! And your posts always make me smile.

    I'm rejoining the realm of blogging after a rather lengthy hiatus. So much as changed! I was hoping you could share with me how you got your cute little font and pictures of things you like on your side bar? I also love the little note you have for those posting comments on your entries. :)

    I see you are in love with Alice in Wonderland, as am I! Have you seen the comics and sketches by Bri-chan with Alice and the Mad Hatter as a couple? I may or may not be slightly obsessed with them. ;P Check them out, I am sure you will love them!


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- Blaise Pascal