Where art thou? Oh my love.

I am longing for it.  The cold snap of air, the chilly frost.  The little steam cloud that my breath makes when I breath outside.  I am longing for winter.  That isn't big, since I start wishing for winter the first day of summer.  I hate can hardly stand summer.  Ugh.  I used to say I was moving to Alaska...I've shifted to Ireland. 

I wish it would snow in Florida.  :-(.

I leave my jackets hanging in my closet all Summer and Spring, waiting.  I love their smell, their looks, their everything.

Winter.  How I love thee. 
Summer, it is time to give away to Fall.
Fall, hurry up and do your thing.
Spring, I'm not going to think of you yet.
Sadly, for us Floridians, Winter doesn't come until, like, October.  I have a while to wait.

But wait I will.  Winter, I am here.  I am waiting for you.

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  1. You and me both. XD Fellow Floridian here, and I TOTALLY understand. XD
    We were SO CLOSE to getting snow last year......
    More like November. If you're further north than me (which I am assuming, seeing I'm practically on the edge of the Everglades) then you get winter-ish weather in October. ;)

    I hope the cold comes soon!!!!! I am so TIRED of humidity!!!! XD

  2. WINTER!!!!!!!!!!! YES! XD I LOVE Wintertime.

    -Ley <3

    P.S. I'll have to ask my mom if I can enter your giveaway. I REALLY want to, but she usually doesn't let me enter many giveaways.


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