I did laundry.

Loads of un fun.  Really, does anyone relish folding stacks of pants, shirts, skirts, hanging up dresses and button ups?  The one thing that is good about laundry, is the quiet, story planning I get from it.   I'm just standing in place, why not let my mind take me far, far away?  I think over difficult plots and characters, I ponder phrases from my characters.  Plus, a huge up side to laundry, is clean clothes.  A big plus.

I am missing my dear Camryn {Pronouced Cam-reen}.  Thats what I decided to name my lovely camera.  Why did it HAVE to break right now?  I'm missing you already, dear Camera. 

I sang the fireflies song by Owl City.  Beautifully weird.  I love it.

I finished this book.  Rock your world theology.  I know, you're thinking, "Ugh, a boring book".  I don't think Joshua Harris could write a boring book if he tried.  Point made.   Review coming up soon on my review blog.

Saw my little Brother go crazy over 95 Hot wheels his loving big bros bought him.  Then remembered, how when I was younger, I would play with Hot wheels before Baby dolls.  You can't blame me!  I had 2 brothers really close in age.  Who would be the most likely to give in, them to Baby dolls, or me to cars?  I like Cars anyway.  BumbleBee is awesome.  Transformers...Wow.
Oh, and you heard that right.  Titus became the lucky owner of 95 hot wheels.  95.  95....

My day.  How was yours?

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  1. I did laundry all day too! and I actually sing, not plot stories :P totally sang the fireflies song too! haha

    and you are SO right about Joshua Harris!

    Okay, I love hot wheels too! Like , Caleb and I made this game "King's Car' where we wheeled and dealed his 200+ hot wheels :P

    And uhm my day was amazing! We need to get together so we can catch up in -reallife- :D



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