My giveaway winner!

Thanks to all 6 amazing gals that entered!  Amazing to find out, "Hey! I'm not the only Alice of sorts!".  I should give you all an Amazing Alica Award...maybe I will...

Ok, so My very Alice winner IS:

  {That was a drum roll, FYI}.


Congrats girl!

Destiny's blog is Adorkable.


I think that is a very original name, By the way.  Adorkable, you just wont find another.  And actually, I found myself just saying the name over and over during the day right after to shanged it to that name.  Yeah, random fact about me: Stuff get stuck in my head REAL easily.  {Roll Eyes}.

Miss Destiny if you will kindly email your mailing info to: bloggerdance{AT}gmail{DOT}com, I will give it to the sponsor, and she will send it to you!

Now, back to what I said at the beginning....
Anyone who reads this (boy, that sounds like a message in the bottle message..) can snab this, to show off their Aliceian-ness.  One thing though:  Please tell me if you take it, so I can love it on your blog.  Thank you!

Thanks all my enterers...there will be a September Giveaway coming up in a few days, and it has six possible items!! That is, if I can get all the sponsors together...anyway...But there will be at least 2.

Thanks again!


  1. just for you: http://dramaticelegance.blogspot.com/2011/08/winner-august-giveaway-winners.html


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