You May Call Me a Traitor.

I used to be for it.  I was for almost 14 years for it.  I loved it, sang it's songs, dreamed about it's characters.  I was wholly for it.

Then, now, things have changed.

"What are you talking about?"  You are surely asking.

Star Wars fan, brace thyself.....

I'm sorry.  But then again, I'm not.  Because he is on it....

Data.  Robotic, funny and awesome.  Lt. Commander Data.

I'm not sorry I am a star wars lovin' Trekky....(oooh! So controversial!).  I want a dress like Padme's with a living room like the bridge.

I'm a traitor.  You Star wars fans may tell me that.

NOW! If you plan on continuing to not watch Star Trek, go no further....

 Most of season two's crew.
 Is Data coughing?  Worf doesn't look pleased, but then again, he rarely does.
 Did you know, Data can play the violin, can learn sign language in a few minuets, find language families in a few rapid moments, is immune to illnesses, Can auto-fix himself...
 Moiarty!!  No, that was not random.  There really IS a Moiarty in one Star Trek. 
 Dr. Pulaski.  I am going to make a uniform like hers.  It looks so Durn comfy.
 Capt. Jean-luc Picard.  Best Captain ever,  He even surpasses Hans Solo.  :-P
 Data=Holmes, Geordie=Watson, And Dr. Pulaski=....uh....Not Irene Adler, THATS fo sho!
It didn't help my new found love that the first Star Trek I ever watched happened to be one where Data, Geordi and Pulaki played (if you wish to call it that, it wasn't fun towards the ending when Moiarty started taking control! lol) a Holmes virtual game.  I want a Holideck now.
 Commander Riker.  Second in Command.  #2.  "And a beard!".
 Deanna Troi.  She is an awesome kinda different.  Wouldn't it be incredible to sense/feel other people/aliens feelings?  To know if they are telling the truth?  Needless to say, Deanna might be my second favorite character.  Data is the first.  And isn't her hair pretty?
 Wesley Crusher...Not much to say here.
Worf.  He is a Klingon, but for some reason, I always want to call him a klondike.  *facepalm* He is NOT a candy bar, Ashley!
Geordi LaForge.  Data's Best friend.  And he is blind.  When we first watched it, My brother Zeb asks, "Why is he wearing a car filter on his head?".  Uh,  thats not a car filter.  Or, at least, its not supposed to be.
His eyes are creepy when he takes off his 'car filter' that helps him see.  White and misty.  Odd.

And back to Data!!  I like Data.  He is funny.  His Actor is a good...uh, actor. :-D

So, what do I need to say now?  Cuz I really aren't sorry.  I'm not.  Honestly.  I am a star Wars lovin' Trekky.  You will just have to deal with it.  {Shrugs}.

Now, for the grand Finale...


^That is so lame^.

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    YOU TRAITOR!!!!! *coughs* Just kidding. :) I've seen a few Star Trek episodes. They aren't BAD, but they're old fashioned and kinda lame if you ask me. XDDD I'm glad you like them though!!! *hugs*

    Oh, my mom met/got a signed picture of Deanna Troi. ;) I've seen it! xD My mom was a Star Wars loving Trekkie too. So it is allowed. XD


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