The happy return of my Camera!! Yes, dear Cammy has come back home from her long repair trip.  I so happy!

Jane Austen's Emma.I have delved into the world of Austen-ness.  Lets see how I fare.
 I just finished 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe'.  Not at all what I expected.  I had always thought (from what I heard) that C.S Lewis had written a masterpiece, but I feel jibbed. The book felt young and like a trifle, it just didn't meet my par.  Was I expecting to much?


Brown jeans, Pinkish off white shirt, and Burgundy vest.  Feels like Autumn..until you step outside. Don't you just love FL weather?  (<---that was sarcasm, BTW)

So...what is up with you?

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