A country at Half Mast today.

We went to town today.  All the flags about were at half mast, we are a country mourning and remembering the loss.

But today, the thing that stuck out at me, was the firefighter.

The Heroes.

So many brave men went in there, so many knew they would not come out.  But in they went. 

We watched a documentary today, and one of the firefighters that survived said, "We shook each others hands, said our goodbyes, then went in".  I know, I don't think I could've done that.

And for the note, that firefighter was the only one to get out alive.

I almost came to tears, the families torn apart.  Not just the heroes, but the ones trapped, the ones who jumped, the ones who never did get out.  I could almost feel their pain, yet, I couldn't.

Today is a sad day for every American, but even more so, for those who lost beloveds there.

So, so sad.

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  1. Amen. So so sad. But very beautiful post Ashley. :)


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