You think a mixer would be safe

I was left babysitting my 5 younger siblings.  Which is totally fine.  Mama, Daddy, Evan, Zeb and Shiloh were out in town, so I was left, happily, babysitting.  At first, we played Monopoly, I won.  It isn't hard to win when you are playing against 4, 6, 7 and 9 year olds.  Than, they decided they wanted to make a cake.  Ok, fine.  We ate Dinner, than cleaned the kitchen, then got to work baking.
It needed 3 eggs, I let the 3 youngers crack them.  So, that made them all giddy and happy (odd what delights a child, isn't it?).

The house was beginning to get hot.  We had the windows open all day long, because it was uncommonly cool (low 80s, high 70s). So I told Kyla and Shauna to go close the windows, I was going to turn the AC on.
The three littles were happily watching the mixer mix, so I figured, "What harm can happen to a kid with a mixer?  Besides, its only on low".

Bad, bad, bad.

Kids can do a lot of things you never thought they would.

Like get their hair stuck.  In a mixer.  On medium speed.  In Red velvet cake.  Which resembles blood when still in batter mode.

I had gone across the house, and pressed just one button when the blood curling, i-am-being-killed screaming began.

I freaked out, (wouldn't you?), and  ran back to the kitchen.  Fully expecting a kid's tongue to be wrapped around the beater.  Thankfully, that wasn't so, I didn't have to call 911.

Ruby/Bitsy had her long hair all wrapped up in the beater.  Cake batter was in her hair, all 3 were screaming, and Titus was crying, "Blood! Blood!".
(I have to say, sorry, but I do not have a picture of that historic event in our life.  I wish I did, though!☺).

I ordered Shauna and Kyla to remove Annaruth and Titus from the area, and tried to calm Bitsy down and work out a way to remove her hair from the beater at the same time.
She calmed down easily, and taking the hair out was a simple matter of just twisting the beater the other way than it turned before.  {sinks into chair, relieved}  I thought for sure I'd have to cut it out...which would have left her looking worse than Flynn did to Rapunzel's.

Shauna gave Bitsy a bath, thankfully, her head suffered no damage, and Titus still refuses to lick the batter of anything red.  He insist it is blood..than begins crying.  Poor traumatized baby!

What happened, was, in their gleeful mood, Bitsy leaned across the bowl to give her sister a kiss...you can guess the rest.

So, who says babysitting is boring? 

P.S and yes, my parents still let me stay home and watch them.  lol


  1. Oh my gosh. SO CUTE!!!! :D Great post Ashley. ;) I love babysitting my sister. We always have loads of fun. XD
    Poor Titus....XD

    ,.........Did you still make the cake? XD LOL!

  2. That was a good laugh!

    You're right, babysitting is not boring! Yesterday, I was doing laundry while my mom was gone and my brother walked into the laundry room and asked if I could help him put a bandaid on. He had blood all over his hand. He didn't know what he did to it. :/

  3. I got to hear about this Tuesday night... Mom came home from the dinner in town and told all of us...

    *blushes*... I laughed hysterically.

    Well at least no one was -really- hurt :)


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