My {packed} weekend

This Saturday we were BBQ vendors at a local festival. We did kinda bad on the selling side, but on the learning experiance (this was our first fest of this size) can't be traded. Here are some pictures of the  'gala'.
Ever wonder what it looks like BEFORE you get to the tiny tent shops at festivals and fairs?  I can tell you, like a Gypsy camp.  Our tent had string lights all around the top, making it look quite, gypsy, if you don't mind,
PIGS!  There was a pig chase (greased, pig chase, really) and these are just two of the many poor piglets who first get greased and chased before the day is over.  Poor little things.
Goatie eye.  I love goats.  Like, love goats as I would own as many as a yard could hold.  They are the sweetest animals, and MUCH more smarter then cows.  I can't stand cows.  Or, at least bulls...bad memory there...
One of the booths we visited.  This was an foster/adoption awareness booth, and they had free candy and coloring for kids.   Shauna, Kyla, AnnaRuth and Ruby all enjoyed the acorn coloring sheets, but Titus just wanted the candy.  ☺
Free balloons from an insurance agency booth.  They were giving out balloons to kids, and info to adults.  I'd much rather be a kid.

 Titus with his third piece of candy.   At this point, he was hopelessly sticky.
The highlight of Titus' day.  Some people were just going around dressed as Woody, Buzz, Cowgirl Jesse, and Spider man.  Titus kept asking me, "Go see sheriff 'oody!".  So, once the other fans had slowed down a bit, I grabbed Titus, and snapped a picture of him and his 'oody'.  Titus was thrilled, and did better then my Evan did with Santa Clause...{cough cough}, lets just say, Evan wasn't as happy as Titus was, to put it plainly...

So, Saturday was fun, I bought a scentsy bar for my pot, and it is now scenting up the house tropically.  And got a pink cross necklace, which I got reduced from $10, to $5.  It is ALWAYS best to shop right before the vendors pack up.  They'll cut you awesome deals.   Shauna participated in a Chicken chase, where, unknown to us, the prize was keeping the bird you caught. Great.  So, now we- to say, Shauna- is the proud new owner of a gorgeous banty Rooster, named  LaForge.  Guess where we got his name?

Bingo! You got it right, From Geordie Laforge, Chief Engineer on the Enterprise!
We put one of our hens in his cage, and now must find her a name as well that goes with Laforge's...Ro?...Larren?...Leah?...OH! Guinan!?  I dunno...must think longer.

Then, on Sunday, we visited our friend's home church as one of their boys were getting baptized.

 Since their church doesn't have a true 'pastor' Josh's Dad baptized him.  I think that is awesome.  How many of you readers got baptized by your Dad?
 The location.  This creek is actually pretty neat.
 Into the water.
 And the witnesses.

It was such a good Sunday.  I LOVED the home church, and the way it flowed.  It was so open.  All the men led, and read from their Bibles.  It wasn't like normal churches were you sit like cows, and listen to the one Preacher talk.   

After the baptismal, and service, we fellow shipped.  Which means, Eat lunch (Tamar, I really liked the fish you cooked!!), Talk a bit.  Listen to Caleb's bass speakers play the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song, (which sounded AWESOME), Watch your brothers box, and hike about a mile down the creek, getting sopping wet in your jeans, and being wet after wards because you didn't bring extra clothes.  But it was fun.  We visited an old Whiskey Still, and collected a few cool looking bottles, got bit by floating ants, Planned to set up a cabin lodge down the creek, and name it 'Diamond Creek' or 'The Village of Villy Age".  And rode back in your bestie's Mustang (Car, not horse).  It was an AWESOME weekend.  It was jam packed full of fun, and...more fun.  I was thoroughly tired by Monday, but what is some lost sleep when you're having a blast?   ☺

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  1. DIAMONDSSS! ;D haha it was so much fun! Everything is always so much more fun when you have best friends to share it with!


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