Resistance is Futile. Prepare to be Assimilated.

Last night we watched the Star Trek Episode, 'I, Borg'.  Man, what a sad one!!  And now, I completely love the borg.  Not like I didn't before.  {laugh}.  I mean, who can resist...wait...."Resistance is futile" They say so themselves.

Poor Hugh.  He was almost human, but he returned to the Borg Hive so that His Goerdie could live without being assimilated.  :-'(.   Best Borg ever.  I'm gonna make his picture my profile pic...somewhere...maybe Pinterest.  Lol

Part Human, but mostly Machine.  Scary.

I think the Borg are just awesome.  ACTUALLY, me and my brothers (who equally think borgs are great) have worked up a flash mob of sorts.  We will go into wal-mart dressed like Borg, walk up to random people and say, (in mechanical voice) "We are the Borg.  Resistance is futile.  Prepare to be Assimilated".  THAT will freak some people out, and some people will just go, "Huh? Am I on Tv?"   Which, will still be funny.  Hard part for us, will be to not smile, laugh or show any facial expressions.   Hard beans there.

So, who plans on Borging with us?


Sorry, this is a total fangirl post.  You wont like it if you don't like Star Trek.  :-(

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  1. omg, you are awesome! I would love to go borging :) I need to do that.. that sounds fun. I myself have always wondered what it would be like to be a borg (after becoming a shapshifter, their number one on my list :)


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