Update from W. Family

This was on the W. Family's Facebook page:

Thank you to everyone for the prayers and support. We can truly feel the strength from here. K is doing well today. She is a bit tired but that is to be expected.

Ethan is showing imporovement today as well.:) The swelling in his body is noticably down today, and he was able to come off the ventalator last night. So far so good. He is breathing well on his own with only a small amout of support from a nazal canular. He has an MRI of the brain today. please pray that this and his EEG come back normal. This WILL be a major victory for us and him.

We will continue to update as we know more
Thank you again for the all the thoughts and prayers
P, K, and E

Unknown to me, Little Ethan was having seizures and brain swelling.  Please, please keep this family in your hearts and prayers!!!  They are so sweet, I'd hate for anything to end up on the wrong end.


  1. Just prayed! :) And I'll keep praying.

    ~Ali H.

  2. Hi! I just posted this comment on Cleiti, but I want to make sure you see it in time to get on board:

    "Hey Ashley...would you like to take over my character? I've been thinking, and I'm going to have to cut back on some of my writerly pursuits in order to succeed in novel writing and school. Maithrim is a sweet girl, fun to write about. :)


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