Its a 100 (and add a 3) follower giveaway!!

I've reached the Grande (its so much more fun spelling 'grand' that way, with an 'e' please!) total of 100, oh, 103!    I'm so happy, I can now be counted as one of those 'big' bloggers with triple digits!! {happy sigh}.  And, since all of you loverly followers have made this possible, I'm giving back.  Well, I don't have 103 prizes, that would near impossible! But, I have 3, and possible more to add, I am still waiting on a few sponsors.  So, lets get to the good, fun stuff, shall we, my dears?

Lovely thing #1.
A brick red pendant lovingly made and given by Lisa from 'That Old Blue House'.  Isn't it beautiful?  You all know, this is the dazzling crown jewel to your necklace collection!

Next up, prizes 2 and 3!
A pre-made blogger template made by Lena @ Simply Fabulous Blogger Template.  The prices of these pretties can go between $8-$20...so you're getting a real deal!  Some of my favorites:

Aren't they just sweet?

There will be 2 lucky winners for the templates, and you will both get your choice of ANY template on Lena's site.  Yes, go ahead, go crazy with wild joy.

So, you getting all excited?  GOOD! Lets get on with the how-tos, and what-to-dos.

 Follow this blog,  You can be old, or new, but just let me know in -1- comment, that you are a follower!
(if you do not have a google account, you may subscribe via email, again, let me know in -1- comment)

~Extra point scorers~

Heart Lena's shop. -1 comment-
Heart Lisa's shop -1 comment-
Leave me a comment with your fave item from each, or just one, shop -1 comment-
Follow me on Pinterest -1 comment-
'like' TOBH on Facebook -2 comments-
'like' SFBT on facebook -2 comments-
Tell how long you've been a follower -1 comment-
Blog about this -3 comments-
Email 5 friends about this giveaway -5 comments-

So, there it is, folkses!!

Oh, and an update on Ethan W:
He seems to be out of the woods!!  There appears to be no brain damage, no internal problems, and the last we heard, they should be home soon.  Thank you, my wonderful prayer warriors!!  ♥♥♥


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  4. I've been a follower for at least 6 months now!


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