Am I allowed to fall for a car?

Finn McMissile. British intelligence.  The most awesome car outside of Transformers, who, really aren't cars ANYWAY.  but happen to look like'em.   Finn, Oh, I want to have a car like Finn! Rockets, guns, Submarine, Camera, British voice...ok, so maybe I wont get the voice. UNLESS I get my GPS to have a Finn voice.  If at all possible to do such a wonderful thing!

Holly is amazing too.  I wouldn't mind having a {purple} flying car!

The main characters, outside of Miles Axlerod.  I never suspected him.  Neva.  eva eva.  Goes to show the Detective I am!

Ok, Car envy.  Bummer we only get, what, 5 minuets TOPS with Torque!

Francesco is cool.  And his accent is neat.  He is kinda, uh, puffed up?  He deserved to lose a few races.  But, I like him.  In a I'm-still-with-Lightning way.

If I'm ever rich, I'll buy me an airplane, and name it Siddeley.

And Mater.  Oh, he is so priceless.  I laughed SO MUCH becuase of him.  The Avocado icecream...{snicker}...The "Oh, shoot!"....the everything he did!

Mater, as a Vampire...how'd ya like it?

He never did catch on, until to late that they thought he was a Spy!


His accent, is TO DIE FOR.  Can you be in love with an accent?

Ahhh.  Be still, mine heart.

Oh my.  Don't worry, I haven't gone past the loop of no return.  Yes, I think I might just have fallen in 'love' with a fictional character, that ALSO happens to be a car, (maybe I have got Cuckoos in my head...) BUT.  I like to think it just another case of Fangirl.   A few ahs, and ohs, a few squeals, and another thing to fangirl over in Finn's place will cure me.  At least, of Finnlove. 

Cars 2, was awesome.  But, without Finn, it would be blah.

And, I plan on marrying someone with a British accent, and that would mean, marrying a Brit! {Swoon!}

Oh, I'd thought you all might like to know, But I am know the proud owner of a car!  No, not a Finn, a Holly, a McQueen, or a Torque.  More like a lemon.  But, it is the sweetest lemon you've (I've) ever laid eyes on, cuz she is mine!  Sorta....I've still got payments to make...BUT. No matter, she is sitting in the yard, cute as can be, and is my love.  So, thought you might like to be given that bit O knowledge, and it seemed to go with this post beautifully!

Someday, I shall own a Finn.  And he will have all those awesome gadjets, and sit in my garage next to Bumblebee, My Thunderbird, and my VW bug, and VW bus.  Quite a cache I'll have, no?

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  1. I fell in love with a movie character too...it's perfectly fine. In fact, it's normal. xD Except I fell in love with the character and not the actor. Because the character is just so...amazing. But annnnyways. Congrats on the car!!


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