I live in the country.
 We own chickens, and Guineas.  I name as many birds as I can. Like, we have a LaForge, Ro, Leah, Cleopatra, Nefitirie, Woody, Blue~eyes, Red, Lacey and Dimi.
 We know our Mail man pretty well, and instead of the girls saying, "Mail's here!" they say, "Mr. Ben's here!".
 Life is everywhere. Hawks bugs,, Bald Eagles, Bugs, fish, bugs, snakes, bugs, toads, bugs, bull frogs, bugs, lizards, bugs, Wild pigs, bugs, Deer, bugs, Bears, bugs, Wild Cats, Bug, Coyotes, Bugs.
 This particular nest was an Eastern Bluebird nest. We suffered much from the parents. This was a Risky business taking a picture of this nest and its 4 eggs.  Later, a snake ate all of them. Its life.
 We normally have a garden. Tomatoes, Corn, Beans, Squash, Okra, Potatoes, and the like.
 Spider webs. Which are ok, as long as they don't get in my way when hiking. I swear, there after me.
 Flowers are everywhere. Literally.
 Most of our chores are in the form of animal feeding.
And life is slower. We know many people in our small, 'Radiator springs' town. Music even plays through the town if your near Alco! Most people don't shop at Walmart, but Piggly Wiggly, where everybody's cousin works.  The fire department's directions are: "Theres a fire in the old barn that is beside where Aunt Milly lives".  When you have a garage sale, you have repeat customers.  Almost everybody lives on a dirt road, and it shows by the red or white silt covering your car. And, if you don't live in a trailer, you certainly have before.

Yes, I live in the country.

*All pictures are M.I.N.E If you would please not take them, I'd be much obliged. Otherwise, I'll have to set my hounds ofter you with a shotgun. So, its in your best interest not to*


  1. Loved all these pictures! Sometimes I wish I lived in the country. I visit my cousins who live in the country every year, and I love being there and working on the farm.
    Great post!

  2. Great pictures!! I love the contrast and color added to your photos. Very nice!

  3. That sounds so lovely really. I live in a place where the only neighbours you see are the ones having fights out on the street without their shirts on etc.

    I'd love to live out near the country. Would be nice to go for walks and just be surrounded by nature.

  4. haha okay, I had a laughing fit about the birds. so calmly you say "It's life." :P

    See you tomorrow!! ;D


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