Wot Wot!

I've been reading the Redwall series by Brian Jacques, and LOVING them. yes, loving in caps.

 I love the Rabbits, Honorable (Hon, for short) Rosie, Who always laughs deafeningly; Basil Stag, named himself Stag because stags are such wonderful creatures;  Torque, who is always singing ballads, and loves Hon Rosie with all his big heart;  Brigadier Thyme, Wot wot!; and all the rest of Salamandstron's long Patrol. Who can't help but love Warrior Rabbits?

The Moles. Ah, they stole moi heart away first off.  They're strange way of talking, ah, makes me smile every time. I would repeat it for you, but I just can't do it justice!
And, THE Badgers. those wonderful creatures. Lords of Salamondstron, Caretakers, Wise ones. Leaders, Warriors, and powerfully strong. If you find a creature daring to go hand to hand against a Badger, he is a sure to die fool.  Boar the Fighter, Bella of Brockhall, Mother Mellus (The big hearted, and stern Mother to all), Sunflash the Mace, All of them. I love them. The Badgers make the book 100% better. Without them, a whole lot of fire and adventure wouldn't be there.  Of course, without Martin the Warrior, who has a mouse, there'd be no story at all.
Oh, our great Mice of Redwall Abbey. Most are kind hearted, helpfull, and gentle animals. But, you will get some.... Dandin,  Mathias...and surely more that I haven't yet come too.
Most of them, however, are like this docile fella below:
 A gentle Brother, Abbot (or sister or Abbess!).

Oh, I wish I could go to Mossflower Wood. I'd hug a Mouse, Talk and eat with a Mole (did I mention, if there is one thing Mole's like better'n diggun, its uh eatun? Thats mole language, BTW.), Admire a Badger, fight a Rat, Weasel, Stoat, Wildcat, Ferret or Fox, Hold Martin's famed sword, Laugh with a Rabbit, Wot Wot! I've been practicing my Rabbit talk, ya see. I think I can 'Wot Wot' nearly as well as Brigadier Thyme.  Yes, oh, yes. Redwall Abbey would be such a restful place!!

Mr. Jacques, I know your dead, I wish I could've gotten addicted before you died, but thank you. You are a masterpeice writer, an epic storyteller, a stringer of wonderful yarns, and a legend in your self.

For Redwall!
For Salamondstron!
Wot Wot!


  1. that sounds like a great read! im always looking for new books to bury my nose in :D

  2. I used to read those all the time...I think I've read every single Redwall book in existence! Have you checked out his other book series "Castaways of The Flying Dutchman"? He is such an awesome writer. Love your blog, by the way. =) <3


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