Today, I was taking some pictures of my 8 siblings for a calander from Vistaprint.  At the end of the year, Mama likes to get a calander with all of us on it.  So, thus, we need Horizontal pictures, photography style. Lets just say, I didn't much like that arrangement. 
Don't get me wrong, I love photography, but today was a horrid day for my beloved sport, too sunny. Would it shock you much if I said I simple LOVE overcast days? Well, I do. Go ahead, fall over in shock.  Miss FL girl hates sunny days.  I get it, Idiotic, I know.
back to the story. I TOLD you I have rambling problems!
TO make it worse, Mama needed pictures of me.  *que nightmare music* I HATE pictures of me.  I haven't gone to a counselor to find out why, I just can't stand it.  (Maybe thats why I'm a photography, subconscience way to stay OUT of picutures? Hmm...).
I wasn't in the nice, "See the birdy!" Mood, more like, "Kill the birdy, yes, this is a fake smile, but I'm holding it" Mood.  So, I go to download the pictures, and upload them to Vistaprint (Calander place).

Can I have some more nightmare music? Yes, thank you.

They're too small.  640x480, to be exact.  Much to small. Normally, I keep my pictures sized at a wopping great 4 thousand somthun, but these were way to small to use for a calander. Great, just what I needed.

Lets just say, I acted a bit like an angry B'Elanna right then.  Stormed off so no one needed to be around me in a foulest of foul moods, as I can be a ver hard person to like in such a moment, and slammed books around a bit (shows just how angry frusterated I was, potentially harming book in such a way) and wrote about one of my characters being angry and fighting an enemy. Amazing, write your emotions into a character, and you'll feel much better.

I have a hidden Klingon inside of me.  One that surfaces when I least want her to.  My personal Klingon is named 'Anger'. I wont sugar coat it by calling it 'frusteration' or 'aggravation'.  It is Anger.  When I get angry, I resort to having to purge myself by doing something 'physical' (AKA, throwing balled up peices of paper, slamming books, punching pillows).  I try to hide my klingon, and stow her away, try to cover her with my good human half. But, maybe like B'Elanna, without her, I'm not complete, I need a bit of that pep and fire, just not always, and only when it isn't spurred on by selfishness.

Like B'Elanna, I'm half.

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