Bikes, and pictures, sings and pains.

This Sunday, we had fun. Obviously.  But, I am now greatly pained...which I will come to later.

The bike trail (I nearly spelled it Trial...which would be appropriate enough) really was pretty.  There were two bridges we crossed, and this one was over a not dried up creek.  I begged Tweedledee and Tweedledum to stop so I could take pictures.  I'm sure having a photographer for a sister is a pain in the butt.
Well, maybe it's not, Zeb (one of the Tweedle brothers of mine) doesn't seem to bothered.
Live long, and prosper.  My Vulcan brother salutes you.
Notice, me and Evan and Zeb are alone?  No, I didn't drive us, sadly.  We wanted to start at the beginning of the trail, and the parents and littles planned to start at a park little less then half way through.  They dropped us off at the starting point, and we fended for ourselves.  We had to fight Shades while we rode on Dragon's back (Eragon, anyone? I plan to do an Eragon post later...).  What I said about Shades and Dragons is an elaborate lie. Pay no heed to such nonsense unless it is real.  All we had to do was watch out when crossing roads.  at first, the roads weren't very crowded, but as we got closer to town, and it got closer to Lunch times, crossing got a little more difficult.  Almost like the Magical Shades were working against us...

I think, they were talking about...funny stuff.  We talked about so much nonsense (Dragons, Shades, alternate realities) I truly can't remember it all.
Moi bike, and le trail.
Evan insisted at stopping at this fitness station.  and he nearly brought it down.  There was SEVERE termite damage to the wood, and it was creaky at best.
Like my outfit?  I started out with a jacket (which was my Mom's and much to big for me, but matched perfectly, so I didn't care).  But after 30 minuets, it got a little hot.  So, I used it as a belt. And tucked my water bottle in it.  Also, when riding, I kept my Camera strap on my shoulder, but tucked the camera itself into the jacket 'belt' to protect it from wind/handlebars/swinging.
After we had met up with Parents and little peeps, we rode a bit more, then turned around, and stopped at this local restaurant called 'Main Street Station'.  At first, we were only going to get Ice cream (it's the only place, except McD's and Burger King that sells Ice cream *IN WAFFLE CONES!!!* in our small Radiator Springs town).  But after riding bikes for nearly 2 hours, we were STARVING.  I had  grilled shrimp on a Garden Salad, which was really good.  Did you notice? I had a good workout, then ate healthy?

Shiloh was happy to be just anywhere.

Titus Anthony.  Isn't his eyelashes cute?

Now, on to the pains.  I am NOT in shape.  I'm so out of it, it's embarrassing.   "Jim, I'm a writer, not a athlete!" (  I started out good, I kept up with my in-better-shape brothers, but then, the going got tough.  Before we headed back (we older ones had went ahead of the Parents and Littles), I nearly passed out from lack of Oxygen.  It was bad.  I had to stop, and sit down (in the gravely dirt) beside the trail, while my brothers looked worriedly on.

"Are you ok?"
"Do we need to slow down for you?"

Yes, please for the sake of all sanity, slow down!

Well, once we got to Main Street Station, I discovered (when I sat down at the table) another, more difficult and dainty, matter.

Do any of my readers know what happens if a person (who is not used to it) is in the saddle all day?  Yes, you get saddle sore on the other end.
Do you know what happens when you haven't ridden a bike for any knowledgeable time spans then suddenly ride for nearly 2 hours? While getting on and off, on and off to cross roads?
I'll leave you to think on what I am going through right now.
I am reminded just how out of shape I am each and every time I sit down, change position while sitting down, or run.

So, moving on.
After lunch at the MS Station, we went home, and got ready for church.  A singing group that we REALLY liked were coming to a church which we had stopped attending about a year or so ago.  Are any of you thinking, awkward reunion?
ANyway, we braved the mass, and went to the Church, got a little cold water tossed on us (Hypothetical) but we were mostly greeted back with love.  There was one family...

*mumbles* whoireallydontlikeandtheylikewise,andifindthemapaininthebutt,worsethencarbuncles....

If you read any of that, I'm sorry.
To them, I go:

Which isn't at all nice of me...but, I was in pain from my bike ride, and my seat hurt. like, bad.  So...I had an excuse.

The singing was great, and My Dad talked to the Dad of their family, and we got it worked out that they will be coming tomorrow!! For dinner!!! We shall have a party (and that familywhoimentionabove is not invited lol)!!!

Tomorrow is going to be fun.


When we left the church, my throat was hurting, and I somehow decided that it was due to riding a bike all day.  Please don't ask how I got to that thought...I was tired, and in pain from the seat up... so, my thoughts weren't to rational or Logical for that matter.

I woke up this morning, and the throat still hurts.  I think I have a throat cold or something....but it should be gone by tomorrow.  It hurts like fire at times, but eating strawberries helps.  Really, strawberries and sugar helps sore throats.  Forget the honey jibberjabber.

So, there was my epic Sunday.
How was your Sunday, Dear readers?

Oh, this is for Nova:

Oh, and P.S:
I guessed FOF's trivia right, and got this!


  1. I love bike rides, it's even more fun when siblings come along.. usually my brothers. :)

    1. Brothers are so much fun, aren't they?

  2. I think we should start a Hiddles/Loki exchange program. Each of us posts a GIF/picture of him for each other in each post. Lol. Anyways, I love bike rides. Love them. My Sunday was uneventful, if not for the borderline mania I was going through. Also, I've decided that Johnny Depp is the best pirate ever. One more thing....I do believe that we should totally write a fanfic. About what, I have no idea, but it seems like a good idea. That was random. But oh well.


  3. hahah I LOVED this post! And I hope your magnificent garden party is amazinggg! ;D and the minions! oh can I have one? pleeasseee?

    It was fun last night! oh, I should be finished with Invasion soon! And DO YOU like my new blog!? hmmm ;D

    That was my comment book for you today.


  4. neat post. love the black and white pics. makes them more dramatic. :)

    1. Thank you!! I actually had to do B&W regardless, because the sun was so bright, it was making color pictures splotchy.

  5. awsome post sounds fun hope your feeling better.

  6. Haha, I love this post! I laughed lotsa times while reading through it! =) I hope you're feeling better. I know how you feel. When I first started running, I was SO sore for like a week, but now I'm all better. It just takes time. And we almost came to see the Wissmann's at Red Oak, but we didn't have time Sunday evening.

  7. Looks like you had and AWESOME time biking! We went for a long hike in the the woods yesterday and my bro had his bike, my sis had our dog and I had my camera. It was wonderful <3

    Aaack you think you're out of shape? You should see me. DX

    And yeah, your outfit rocks :D


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