Weekly Wonders.

Miss Nova over at Forgotten Paper Airplanes (her blog is awesome. I love it) is starting a new weekly linkup...I'll let her explain it:

"Here's how it works. There will be a specified category for that week (inspirational, random, wedding, etc.), and you will post as many pictures as you wish in that specific category. And...just to test it out, we'll do random this week. I'm not sure how well this is going to work, considering I don't have a button, nor do I have a link thing...working on it.

So, this week's category is random. Which means any picture you've found that you just love"

So, my pictures, (thought included free of charge)

 Atticus Finch, you never cease to make me smile.  I even named my lamp after him. (I name everything).  It is a green Banker's lamp...(Like THIS one).  The moment I got it, I thought, "This looks like a lamp A Lawyer would use..." It got the name 'My Atticus Lamp'.

NOVA! Isn't Tom's eyes normally blue, however?  He must be wearing contact, or something.

No comment.  (My brother, Zeb asks who he is, I said, "Loki. He's a bad guy".  Zeb: "Duh.  All bad guys look cool")

You wont believe how many times I've said this.  Half hoping blue fire will come out of my palm.  It doesn't work. I need a Rider Tattoo on my palm first...

I haven't watched the Eragon movie...yet...but I think they matched the actor up PERFECTLY with the character.  This, is so Durza.   The only difference that I feel that is kinda big...is Shades have Maroon eyes. Not light blue.  Light Blue looks good on Durza, however.

I sympathize.

Ya know, I use this quote a lot.
And this picture:

Unless you are a fellow Phantom/Erik lover...and you read the book before the movie...you just won't get the splendor of this picture.  The realisticness.
Forget Gerard Butler. 
^THAT^ is what Erik really looked like.

And one last Hiddles picture for Nova, because I like you, *wink*

Ok.  So...I forgot to say anything about the Wissmann's visit.  I am ashamed. Forgive me.
We had a BLAST. In capital letters.
Me and Hannah W. (who is a little less then a year older then me.  She is 16, and I'm about to be 16) talked about loads of things.
Books, reviewing, books, Wild West Bandits, Books, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Books, her married Siblings, book.
You get the pattern, right?

I'm sad that we have to wait a full year until we can see them again...but at least I gave Hannah my email address..and I friended her on FaceBook..so..maybe the year will pass quickly.

Fairfallen, dearest Readers! Until another day!

(P.S.  Dance of the sugar Plum fairies...MmmMmmMmmm!)


  1. Hannah is so sweet! :) I didn't get to talk to her this time though. Oh well. I got to talk to youuu hehe.

    And I'm gonna join you in this lineup! :)

  2. i remember watching atticus. its a very good film. love thor. :)

  3. Awesome pics!!
    Hahhaa LOVE the Scar picture XD and the Erik one of course <3
    Oh you oughta see Eragon asap! Murtagh is WONDERFUL :D :D :D they don't put him in enough though....

  4. One: THANK YOU. <3

    Two: Yeah, he's got contacts in. He's got these really pretty bluish-grey-light green eyes in reality.

    Three: Darling, thank you. That picture is GORGEOUS. Whoever did it is amazing, and I shall love them forever.

    Four: Thank you for doing this. I was a bit afraid nobody would. <3

  5. Great post! I loved the picture from To Kill a Mockingbird and Lion King :) That was such a good book and the Lion King is an amazing movie! I will need to participate in this!


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