Petition against SOPA and PIPA

Please, this is scaring me. Blogger, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Google, all these sites will be monitored and censored by the government. Links you send people through email might be censored. You might be restricted in what you may post on your blog of Facebook/twitter. I might be partial, but this doesn't sound like freedom to me....I singed the petition, will you?
Ge HERE to tell Congress we want our freedom!
Lets spread the word. I'm posting this on ALL my blogs, and taking up SERIOUS prayer. 
ETA: This one too please:  Google's take Action


  1. I think you are the third or fourth blog I have read with this. This is awful! I LOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEEE my blog!!!!!

  2. I'm not quite understanding what all this is :/ Several people have tried to explain to me, but I'm still not sure what its all about :( So, I don't think I'll be signing the petition...

  3. I shut down my Tumblr blogs for the day...


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