Evan- Mighty Warrior

My first brother.

Evan took Cream Cheese frosting, and Eriked himself. 

My Nero.

Ok, so maybe Evan isn't THAT bad, but when we were little kids, he tormented me.  Sat on me, hit me..yeah. I forgive him, now.  Revenge is sweet, though. Daddy used to let me sock him in the nose whenever he tormented me.  Of course, I was a little dainty thing, and I rarely hurt Evan, since he was a big, hulkish boy.  

His favorite Music Is anything techno.  His playlist is filled with Star Wars remixes. He revels in  Transformers, Star Trek, And pretty much anything awesome.
(And a fluk interest in POTO....just like his big sister! *wink*)

Spitting Llama! 5 stars if you got that.
Today, he turned 14.
In a year, he will be driving.
Heaven, Help us.

He already has a car.  Sure, its a fixer uper. Yeah, it doesn't run.  But he paid cash for it.  It's his baby to fix and dandy up at will.

He'll probably see this, as he goes to my blog at least 3 times a week (And blares my playlist all over the house.  Can't guys be satisfied just to listen to music? They don't have to share it!!).

And I'm just saying right now, Happy Birthday.


(Our nickname for Evan is peaches.  Now you know. And I'll let you guess why that might be his name....)


  1. he sounds like he's had a busy year. when my little bro started driving i was like get off the roads. lol. i think your bro looks like a young anakin. he really does i think. :)

  2. I get 5 stars!!! But everyone knows my llama is much better. Mine spits fire ;) You knew that, right?

  3. That's so cool that he's fixing up his own car! Sounds fun. :D
    I like to listen to music and not share it. Whenever I write blog posts I play classical music from Pandora at a reasonable volume level....so yeah.

    Great post! The first pic is terrifying btw.

    My blog: http://wilsonftw.blogspot.com/

  4. haha, Hilarious, Happy birthday!

  5. Hahahahaha Erik-ed himself XD woooow. Epic!


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