My thoughts of Wuv.

I have already, in some ways, talked about my thoughts on love, and other stuff such as that, >HERE<, but I thought, "Since it is Valentine's Day, why not expound?".

I'm going to be a tough girl to win.  That, is summoning it up into a single sentence.

And it isn't just that I'm saving my Heart for the 'Only One'.  No, it is hardly that at all.
I have no desire to get married.

Ok, that was a little untruthful.
I have a very small part of me, that hopes for Prince Charming.
But, it is only a small part.
And I'm sure every girl has a drive, even if it is even the size of a grain of sand, to love and be loved.

But, for the most part, I'm happy to be a spinster.
To be alone.
To be the Daughter who stays home.
To be the fun Aunt who never got married.

 I know most girls want to get married, or at least fall head over heels in love.
But, not me. 
At least, not a lot.
Not enough to count.
The type of man I want, just doesn't exist. I realize that, and have decided, I'd rather be alone, then to marry a person who wasn't the one my heart longs for.
So, you see, if there is a person out there, meant for me, He is going to have to do more then win my heart, he'll have to be THE ONE.
The one I smile about when I think.
If not, if he misses the mark, he wont even get a chance to win me.
Because I wont let him.
I've had one friend try to get me to take interest in her brother.
Didn't work.

I have one true love.
And only one.
And I plan for there to forever be one.
Sometimes, I get a little sad, thinking about all my friends and siblings, getting married, and me staying the same.
But, other times, I think, what a blessing it would be!
I would be able to get more involved in ministry, and could devote more time to serving Christ!
I could be that fun Aunt that takes you places, who has sleepovers, and movie nights, and..and..all sorts of fun!

Really, it isn't something to be sad about.


  1. I'm right with ya. Unless I run across a guy who is something super spectacular, I'm perfectly happy to never marry. But, my family and friends have other ideas for me...

    Praying for HIM to lead.

    1. People naturally assume we all want to get married and have a big family someday.
      It's not that I'm being rebellious and ungodly, I just don't want to get married, no sin there, right?

    2. Even the apostle Paul said that he wishes all would remain single as he was...

  2. I admit, there is definitely a part of me that wishes to marry, have a family, etc.

    But, I'd also be happy to be alone, to be that fun aunt you were talking out, I'm pretty happy with these views, because I win pretty much either way!

    Peopl should embrace their single years, their married years, their childhood...we should just be happy at whatever stage in life we happen to be, <3

  3. "People should embrace their single years, their married years, their childhood...we should just be happy at whatever stage in life we happen to be"

    So true!


Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.
- Blaise Pascal