Being Sixteen {and a present to my Followers}

I am now Sixteen.

When I was little, I would look up at the age 16, and think, "When I'm 16, I am grown up!".
Now, I look up, and say, "When I'm 20, I'll be all grown up".
16 seemed to be the grown up age.

I dreamed of singing ♫I am 16, going on 17♫.

I figured that when I was 16, I could do whatever I wanted (oh, the innocence of childhood! lol).

I could go wherever I wanted.

Now,  I laugh at myself, and say, "Oh, I was so cute!"

I am sixteen, and I tell you, it's not all that grown up!

Anyway, a big thing on this birthday, was getting my own iphone!  Oh, yes.  My/own/iphone.
This is truly a big event in my life.
I've been having a blast with apps, and everything.  I have a kindle/nook app on it, so I've downloaded 'Alice on Wonderland' by Lewis Carrol, 'North and South' by Elizabeth Gaskell, and 'The Time Traveler' by H.G Wells to be read.  I am really enjoying this.

Me and my Dad went out for a Father/Daughter's date, and our first stop was to watch a movie, which was 'The Phantom Menace' in 3D. Oh my goodness, I'll never watch it 2D again. The depth, and clarity just couldn't be beat.
1) I think Senator Palpatine is pretty amazing.  Outside of being a Sith, and the Jedi not detecting you, he seemed a pretty nice guy.  I would've fallen into the group of those followers of his, and voted him on to higher ranks.
2) I would be a Sith.  The reasons are, One, I'd get a red Saber.  WHY CAN'T JEDI HAVE RED?!?! and Two, I wouldn't like not being able to fear, hate, love.  Those are emotions, and I'd display them often.

Anyway, after the movie, we made a few other small stops, and then Daddy brought me to this REALLY nice Restaurant called 'Captain Anderson's'.  It was nicer then anything I've ever been to.  They had, like, 2 full pages on the menu of just wines.

The outside of the restaurant, pic not mine.
The servers all dressed like Sailors.

And the lobby felt like I had just stepped into Captain Nemo's Nautilus.  The lighting was a blueish color, and there were all sorts of old ship relics. 
The old diving suits were my favorite.  They looked so...real.

While we were there, Daddy gave me another present.
A Purity Ring.
It had a Amethyst (being my birth stone on it) on it, and had silver and gold mixed into the metal part.

I had a very blessed birthday, as once we got home, Mama had organized a surprise party for me!
She did really good hiding it from me, as I normally would win a nosy award.
I've found out about presents, and pretended not to know about them before.
Anyway, the surprise party.
She had invited all my friends (and their families, of course!) and dressed the dining room up in pink and white.  
As long as my memory shall last, I will remember that day.

Now, I want to give some of the blessing poured into me, to you all.
4 beautiful sponsors have agreed to donate some of their lovely wares for a birthday giveaway.
Shall we begin?

Carolyn from Sweet Tea Linen has donated this loverly:
If all you do is look at my blog, you realize I am a fan of all things British, and this little pillow warms my heart.  Oh, I'd love to enter this giveaway myself, but that wouldn't be fair, now would it?
Lori from Lori's Jewelry box has donated this:
 I'm trying not to turn green with envy...Just kidding! Really, I am most pleased to offer these squeal-able Phantom of the Opera earrings.
Mikayla? Sarah?  you know you want them.

Judi Ann from Sleepy Mouse Designs is giving this:
Shall we scream our love for Paris? This darling journal is adorned with France's jewel, the Eiffel Tower.  I could honestly run around laughing right now.

Kasia from Black Cat and Raven is giving 2 items:
 This Fae bracelet, with it's simply beauty.  Which, I always think, it the best kind.  Not lavish, and gaudy, but simply charming.

And these pink Sapphire earrings.  Personally, I have grown to love this blue a whole lot more ever since reading Eragon.  Anybody with me?

To Clarify, there will be 4 winners.
1 for the pillow.
1 for the POTO earrings.
1 for the journal.
and 1 for the Fae bracelet and Pink Sapphire earrings.

Of course, y'all would like to hear how to win, no?

Follow this blog.
Tell me, If you won, what item would you be most interested in? 
One comment with these please.

(note, if you do not do the mandatory entry, all other ones wont count. In short, you can't win unless you do these 2)

Heart each shop on Etsy (1 comment per shop)
Add each Sponsor to your Etsy circle (1 comment per sponsor added)
Comment and tell me your most precious birthday memory (2 comments)
Tell me what your favorite item from each shop is (1 comment per shop)
Blog about this giveaway (5 comments)
Do you have a purity Ring? How was it presented to you? (1 comment)

There, is my birthday gift to you.
Loves, and and best wishes.
Yours till I'm not:

Since Julia hasn't emailed me yet, I had to pick a new winner...
Can you believe it, Jo?
I swear, it wasn't intentional.
Anyway, I'm not sure I have your address, so could you text it to me?

All For Now.


  1. happy birffdayy!! (: <3

    i follow you!! and i'd like to win the pillow :)

  2. precious birthday memory?? last year!! i went to the beach with my two BESTfriends!! :) we had sooo much fun!!

  3. i have a purity ring!! i got it ON the beach trip with my two bestfriends!! (:

  4. i love everyyything from sweet tea & linen's shop!! :)

  5. i love lori's "Hand stamped domino dangle earrings Claire"!! <3

  6. i looovee sleepymousedesign's "Altered Book- April In Paris- Eiffel Tower Journal"<33

  7. My favorite birthday memory was my golden birthday when I turned six and I got my godmothers old dollhouse :) (1/2)

  8. My favorite birthday memory was my golden birthday when I turned six and I got my godmothers old dollhouse :) (2/2)

  9. Happy birthday girly. sounds like you had a great time God bless and again Happy sweet 16 aww to be 16 again lol

  10. Happy birthday sister!!!!!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!! <3
    I follow. ;D

  11. I am in LOVE with the Fae bracelet. ;D

  12. My most precious birthday memory....wow. Too many of those to count....
    My most recent birthday made me cry, because my cousin (she's also my best friend) made me a keepsake box. It's beautiful, decoupage and made with pictures of us when we were babies/little kids. :') She wrote my "card" on the rim of the box, and the pictures are printed on dictionary pages that are old and yellowed, giving it a vintage feel. You'd like it Ashley, it's right up your alley. ;)
    That's my favorite memory so far. I cried when she gave it to me! Haha! :)

  13. I do have a purity ring! At last year's homeschool convention, my dad surprised me by taking me to one of the booths (though for the life of me I cannot remember what it's called) and helped me pick out my ring. We both cried, because my mom said that the next time a man would be putting a ring on my finger, it would be an engagement ring. :')

  14. SQUUUEAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok ok. Breathe Joanna, breathe. hahah I'll text you my address! ;)

  15. Happy birthday! I'm glad you had an awesome day, because you deserved it :)

  16. Happy birthday Ashley!! :D I'll be turning 16 in March. :)

  17. I would want that journal!! *squee!*

  18. I hearted Sleepy Mouse Designs. :)

  19. I hearted Lori's Jewelry Box :D

  20. I added Black Cat and Raven to my circle :D

  21. I added Sleepy Mouse Design to my circle

  22. I added Lori's Jewelry Box to my circle

  23. I added Sweet Tea and Linen to my circle :)

  24. Favorite Birthday Memory Part One: On my 15th birthday last year, I got an AMAZING present!!! More in comment two. ;)

  25. Favorite Birthday Memory Part Two: (cont.) For my 15th birthday, I got my limited edition Empire Strikes Back R2-D2 Android phone!! 8D I was sooooo happy!

  26. My favorite item in Sleepy Mouse Designs is this Mini Victorian Journal: http://www.etsy.com/listing/83873243/mini-victorian-journal

  27. My favorite item from Lori's Jewelry is this Silver Seastar necklace: http://www.etsy.com/listing/78131459/silver-seastar-crystal-and-deep-ocean

  28. My favorite item from Sweet Tea and Linen is this Union Jack pillow cover: http://www.etsy.com/listing/92130887/union-jack-proper-linen-and-canvas

  29. I posted about it on my blog!!
    I'm just spammin' your comment box up, aren't I? ;)

  30. Blog post comment #2. Not sure if you meant post five comments for the blog post... I'll do it to be safe. ;)

  31. Blog post comment #3 :D
    BTW, I'll be sending you your prize from my Valentine's Day giveaway ASAP! :)

  32. Blog post comment #4
    You'd want to be a Sith?!?! :O *whips out blue lightsaber* The Light side will always prevail. ;)

  33. Blog post comment #5
    Well, i'd better go to bed now. xD Wonderful giveaway LH sis! :D Happy birthday (again)! <3

  34. I follow you!
    and i really really love the Eiffel tower notebook, I'm pretty much in love with all things British myself. :)

  35. Okay, I've decided to enter this giveaway! =D I follow your blog! Oh, and Happy Late Birthday!!

  36. Hmmm...I would be most interest in the POTO earrings! *SO* cute!

  37. My precious birthday memories? Hmmm...well that would have to be the one's that I had with my best friend last year. I miss her so much. We went to the beach and took some pictures, I always tear up when I look at them.

  38. #2- Another birthday memory would have to be when my mom and dad got me a ring for my 11th birthday with an opal stone in it, I was so excited! No, it wasn't a purity ring, but I'd love to have a purity ring. =)

  39. I made a post on my blog about your giveaway! =)


  40. #2- I made a post about your giveaway! Ahhh, I'm so excited! =)

  41. #3- I blogged about your giveaway. Oh, and when does this giveaway end? I didn't see anywhere in the post that you said.

  42. #4- I blogged about your giveaway.

  43. #5- Okay, final comment!! =D I did make a post about your giveaway.

  44. If I won...I would be most interested in the British pillow or the Paris journal.

  45. AH! I love Phantom Menace. I went with my father and saw Star Wars in 3D. IT blew me away! However I would be Jedi...and in some cases Jedi actually have red lightsabers! But yes, I wish more of them could have red! Hope you had an awesome birthday!

  46. My most precious b-day moment would be... Having a Shared birthday party with my sister. When we were little, we were obsessed with being 'spies' when we grew up, so my mom and dad put together a mystery-themed birthday party. It was so much fun!


  47. My favorite item from Black Cat and Raven is http://www.etsy.com/listing/89987605/sale-15-off-kenzi-bracelet-inspired-by. So cute.

  48. from Sweet Tea and Linen- the 'Vintage' pillow http://www.etsy.com/listing/39690026/sale-embroidered-vintage-burlap-pillow

  49. From Lori's Jewelry box....my favorite are the Starry Night Silver Gray Pearl earrings.

  50. From Sleepy Mouse designs, I like the Repurposed Vintage Queen Victoria Journal

  51. Here's the post I did on your giveaway. #1 http://ihavemusings.blogspot.com/2012/03/giveaway-at-cheery-o.html

  52. #2 I blogged about your giveaway

  53. #3 I blogged about your giveaway

  54. #4 I blogged about your giveaway ( i think this is the fourth) :\

  55. #5 Blogged about your giveaway!


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