Ma Journee {entry 3}

Hello again, fair readers! I know, this is technically my second post for the day, but we shan't worry about that, ok?

Today, was fun.
Tomorrow, will be fun.

Today me and my dear Mama (I'd insert a picture here, but alas, Mama doesn't like pictures of herself, so I won't annoy her by showing you one) went on a girl's shopping night! 

Our small town hasn't got much clothing stores, much less a mall, outside of Wal-mart and Bell's outlet, you can go to Goodwill or some other thrift store.  But, today, we only went to Bell's.  Let me say, I fully adore Bell's outlet.  Their clothing selection is so chic, and comfy, and 70's, and...and..and awesome.  I walked out with 3 shirts, one nice dress (it is a dress, but it is shorter then I'd wear alone, so I plan on wearing dress pants under it.  In fact, I'm wearing it now.  Due to trying it on to show my Dad, and just being to lazy to change into something else until bedtime.), and 3 pairs of pants (one of which are jeans), and an Owl ring.  I shall post a picture of it later.  Perhaps tomorrow.

Oh, and a bag of Jelly Beans.  I adore Jelly Belly's.

So, anyway.

Then, after about, what, 3 hours? In Bell's, Me, Mama, Miss Shiloh May (who, being a 5 month old baby, just had to tag along.  Not that we minded) and Ruby (who, being a 4 year old girl, didn't need to come along, but she doesn't get to go places with us a lot, so we let her come) got ourselves downtown to Zaxby's.   I had Chicken wings, that weren't hot, because I'm 'wimpy'.
I had 2 cups of Coca Cola...Wuv.

And,  Then we went home, and we just finished watching the Star Trek Episode, 'Drone'.

Oh, what a bitter sweet episode that is!

One: "I wont!"

"The EMH tried to treat One's injuries, but One refused to allow this; he knew the Borg would hunt Voyager to assimilate him for his technology, and One was a grave risk to the ship as long as he was alive. Seven displayed a closeness with One, much like a mother; after One died on the operating table, Seven was greatly saddened by his passing"

Poor Seven. 

Well, that was Ma journee....don't expect to hear from me tomorrow, as I'll be having to much fun!


Look at the time!  It's Feb. 11th, 12:29.....

Hello, I'm sixteen.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great day!! I love Jelly Belly's, too.


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