The entry slips. Oooh...that sounds official. I wrote one slip per entry for each person. That means, if you had 11 entries, I wrote your name 11 times on 11 different paper slips. And, if you name had an 'i' in it...I dotted it with a ♥.

You ready top see who won?

The winner of the 1 lip candy, and 1 perfume stick is:  JULIA!  Her blog is: Through the Looking Glass.  Which I must say, Miss Julia, I love the name.

AND! The winner to the Dr. Who Print....is....Momma too many! (AKA Nova, who is the daughter half of the name)  Nova's blog is Forgotten Paper Airplanes, which is really creative.  I don't know how you came up with the name, but I can assure you, we've had a couple paper airplanes forgotten behind our couch.

I wanted to thank EVERYONE who particpiated. 

(@Joanna. SOMEDAY you will win a giveaway I host.  Fate seems to be against my best friend actually winning something from my giveaways..O_o)

We (yikes. I'm talking like the Borg. "We this, We that"...O_O) had a really good turn out! THANK YOU ALL!!!

{{Hugs hugs}}

Ok, and for Nova:

Really, this IS my picture. Taken straight out of my War Horse novel.  Which I own.  And love.

Oh, P.S:

There is a really cool giveaway going on HERE.
You could win a copy of the Hunger Games novel..(book 1)...and if that isn't tempting, don't tell me what is...

And, since I REALLY want to win this, I'm going to answer this question:

"What is your favorite aspect of blogging?"

Hmmm....I think it is the ability to get my two beans out.  I get to ramble, Fantalk, and just talk about my day on my blog.  Plus, I like to write....if I hated writing, I think keeping a blog wouldn't be quite so fun. 
Oh, and getting new followers is pretty hip as well.


How would y'all like a vlog from time to time?


  1. Congrats! And yes you should do a weekly vlog!!!!!

  2. haha tis okay! I was on a giveaway winning spree several months ago so I suppose I am being forced to take a break ;P


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- Blaise Pascal