Guestpost: Lindsey Madison

Hello everyone! =D I am Lindsey from Sprinkles of My Life. I’m a new blogger, and I’m really excited to be guest-posting for Ashley today!! When I saw that she needed guest-posters, I jumped at the opportunity! =) So today, I’ll just talk about me and my new blog.

I’m the type of girl who…
{1} follows her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ<3
{2} sings with a passion
{3} licks her lips at cheesy mac ‘n cheese, cookie dough, and ice cream sundaes with brownies
{4} LOVES making friends
{5} has a letter writing obsession

Yes, I love writing letters!!!<3 You may call it old-timey, but I think it’s so much fun to sit down with a blank piece of paper and colorful pens and sharpies, and just write for a friend to my heart’s content. Even though the best part of having penpals is writing THEM a letter, it is always super exciting to check the mailbox and find that I've received a letter in return. :D So if you like writing letters as much as I do and want to be my penpal… then just go to my blog and contact me!(; hehe.

And here is a picture of me. J I thought you might like to see how your guest-poster looks! ;)

Here are some more photos I have recently taken! Did I forget to mention my love for photography? =)

I love how this ribbon was so perfectly swirled! And yes, I was snacking (;

my penguin shirt...while it's on me :)

zebra nails!


I am a cupcake lover<3

Well I hope you enjoyed this guestpost! It was my very first one :D What do you think? Now that you’re done reading this, come on over to my blog and follow me real quick! Thanks again, Ashley, for this opportunity!

~Lindsey Madison~


  1. You did great on this post Lindsey!! :) Oh, and are you a gator fan? I'm just wondering because of your shirt in the picture. =)

    1. awwhhh! thanks emily :) and nope...my shirt is a penguin(: hehe. I got it from Delia's!

  2. Very cool! I used to do letter-writer rather often... it's nice ^_^


Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.
- Blaise Pascal