The Smurfs-Movie Review

When Ashley asked me to do a guest post for her blog, I was super excited! We both decided that I should do a movie review on the movie The Smurfs. I’ve never done a movie review before, so I’m interested in seeing how well this goes. So without further ado, here we go!

My family and I watched the Smurfs a couple of weeks ago. Sadly, I can’t say that we went to the movie theaters and watched it; instead we watched it at home.

First, we’ll talk about the main characters. My favorite character of all is Smurfette:

Smurfette is such a sweet, bubbly little smurf. She is always thinking about others and what they need or want. She is also emotional, which adds to her sweetness. She often cries when something goes wrong and she’s instantly saddened when someone she loves gets hurt. She is also the only female smurf in the whole smurf village. I’ll explain why later.

My second favorite character is Papa smurf:

Papa smurf is 546 years old. He is kind, gentle, and wise. As the smurf’s village leader, he is always concerned about all of the other smurf’s well being. Even though Papa smurf is gentle, he has a short temper and can get angry if the other smurfs are not obeying his orders. Papa smurf is known to use magic when he wants to know something that will happen in the near future. Alchemy is his hobby, and he uses it to protect his smurfs, I would like to label him a “good wizard”.

Clumsy has to be my third favorite smurf:

 Clumsy is an adorable smurf that is underestimated by all of his fellow smurf friends. He is often very klutzy and accidental prone; he was named from his personality, just like all of the other smurfs. His personality is also sweet and tenderhearted. He gets sad when the others leave him behind while they go on their expeditions. At the end of the movie, he is the hero, but I won’t tell you about that. That’d be a spoiler. I also think that he has a shy crush on Smurfette.

Now, for the rest of the main characters, these aren’t really any of my favorites, but I still have to name them. =)


Gutsy wears a Scottish kilt and has an accent to match it. He has the “tough guy” personality and can be very vicious. He can also be very funny because of his “tough guy” personality. He didn’t appear in any of the early comic strips of early episodes, he was created for The Smurfs.


Just like Clumsy is named after his personality, so is Brainy. His personality can be somewhat annoying. He is helpful toward the end of the movie. Brainy knows a lot more than any of the other smurfs (well, other than Papa). Sometimes, he thinks that he knows it all, but he really doesn’t. Most of the time in the movie, he had a book in his hand, as shown in the picture.


This hilarious smurf has a negative view on life and all of his surroundings. He doesn’t know anything except for what he doesn’t like. If someone suggests something, he is automatically against their ideas. He does have a soft spot way, down deep inside of his heart. He also complains a ton, which always made me laugh because he complains about the silliest of things.


Gargamel is the bad guy in this movie. I didn’t like him at all (I never like the bad guys in movies). His main purpose in the movie is to extract the smurfs essence and therefore, was always after them. His cat, Azrael, is also bad. He is a wizard and uses evil magic to get the smurf’s essence.

Grace Winslow:

Jayma Mays plays as Grace, a kind, sweet hearted woman who automatically loves the smurfs as soon as the meets them. In the movie, she is pregnant. She was really cute; I liked the way she believed the smurfs when they told her that they were from a different world. She was caring and she wasn’t selfish.

Patrick Winslow:

Neil Patrick Harris plays the part of Patrick Winslow. Patrick works as an advertiser for Anjelou, a cosmetic company. He was a sharp looking guy in the movie and came across as slightly prideful. He didn’t believe the smurfs at first when they told him that they had came from another world. At one time in the movie, he got mad at the smurfs and hurt their feelings. In the end of the movie, he gets much nicer.

Okay! So now you’ve got all of the main characters in the movie. Now, I’m going to tell you about the plot of the movie.

It all starts with the happy Smurfs in their village getting ready to celebrate the Blue Moon Festival. While all the smurfs are getting ready, Papa is in his laboratory watching a vision. I’m not going to tell you what the vision was, but it wasn’t good. I’ll go ahead and tell you that it showed tears and sorrow for all of the smurfs in the village, and it was all because of Clumsy.

After Papa sees this vision, Clumsy leaves the village and goes out into the woods to play. Guess who was right behind him the whole time? Yep, you guessed right, Gargamel. Gargamel had his net and cat with him, trying to catch Clumsy. Clumsy ran straight back into the Smurf village, just in time to tell everybody that Gargamel was right behind him. Gargamel and his cat destroy the village, and while they do that, all of the Smurfs are escaping.

There are two paths that the Smurfs can take to escape Gargamel. There was one path that had a sign that told them not to go down that path, but Clumsy went down the wrong path (because the sign was half-way covered by a leaves and he didn’t read the whole thing). When Papa saw that Clumsy had gone down the wrong path, he instantly went after him. So did Smurfette, Gutsy, Brainy, and Grouchy. The path that Clumsy took ended at a waterfall. At the time that all of the Smurfs got there, the blue moon shined through the waterfall, which causes a magic portal to open. The magic portal sucked Papa, Clumsy, Smurfette, Gutsy, Brainy, and Grouchy through it and they all landed in the middle of Central Park in New York City. They went years into the future, and they have no idea where they are.

This was the look their faces when they saw New York for the first time. 

 Gargamel and his cat also decided to travel through the magic portal after they see the smurfs go through it. They too end up in New York at Central Park.
The Smurfs take shelter in the home of a married couple. Their names are Grace and Patrick. Grace is pregnant and expecting anytime.

Meanwhile, Gargamel is hiding out in the abandoned Belvedere Castle that is in the middle of Central Park. Papa Smurf eventually gets captured by Gargamel and he is taken to Belvedere Castle. There, in the castle, he starts to take Papa’s essence with the Smurf essence extractor machine.

With the help of Grace and Patrick and all of the other smurfs, they free Papa and there is a wonderfully happy ending.

Please know that this was a very short summary of the movie. I didn’t tell you any of the good stuff that happened. =)

There were a couple of things that surprised me in the video, things that I wasn’t expecting. Here is my list of “surprising” things.

1. The VERY first thing that surprised me was that the movie was both animated and real life. I was expecting the whole movie to be animated, but it wasn’t! I liked it that way, even though I was expecting the whole thing to be animated.

2. As I told you while I was explaining the characters, the smurfs are named after their personalities. As said in the movie, “When a smurf is born we wait and see what their personality is, and then name them after their personality.” I thought that was interesting enough.

3. Something I thought made the story even more interesting is that Smurfette was the only girl smurf out of the whole village of smurfs. The reason for that is because Smurfette was created in evil Gargamel’s laboratory with a magic potion. She was created to trap all of the other smurfs and make them unhappy, and then take them to Gargamel. Fortunately, Papa changed Smurfette with one of his magical potions, and she became the beautiful, blonde smurf that she is in the movie.

My recommended age would be 9 and up, just because some younger kids may not completely understand the magic and wizards. There was no sexual content, romance, (Patrick and Grace held hands and kissed, but that’s it), drugs, or alcohol.

I really enjoyed this movie. I think that the plot was good, and I would recommend it for anyone that is looking for a movie that will make them laugh or feel warm and happy inside.

I hope you enjoyed this review! Thank you for reading,


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