"there invites a fervent emphasis"

I'm back! Miss me peoples?

First off, you can know a weird person when they use an Opera song lyric ("La Traviata") as their blog title..."Si invita un fervido accento"


So, I had a lovely time in Pensacola!

The first day was mostly driving, and once we got to my Aunt's (where we were staying.  We try not to use Hotels as often as possible.  For a family of 11, it can get expansive!), there was that "I-havent-seen-you-in-forever" awkwardness.  We kinda sat around getting reused to each other.

Day 2 was better, the little children had gotten used to each other, and were playing all over the place.  Our baby Shiloh, and their baby, Sydney (only about 3 weeks apart) really had fun playing together!

The rest of the trip/visit went about the same.  Daddy would go to were he was working, and we would just hang out at my Aunts...
Until the last day.


Only a GIF can properly express my fervent emphasis.

But, it was the last full day we were spending there, so that posed a Likkle problem. I took THG to bed with me, and read it eagerly. I got a lot finished before I fell asleep, but not all. About half. In an hour.

The next day we had to leave, and you should've seen me.

Packing while holding the book in one hand.

Brushing my hair while reading.

BRINGING STUFF OUT TO THE VAN WHILE STILL READING!! I just had to finish the book!! However, when it was time for us to say our goodbyes, and head for home, I still had 5 chapters to go. It nearly drove me crazy, thinking "I'll have to buy the book just to read the ending of it!!!". I begged and pleaded with my Aunt to let me borrow THG, and, oh! I was so relieved!!! She let me. So, we drove off, waving, and with my nose properly buried. I finished the book before we had even been gone an hour. But I didn't regret borrowing it. I have now joined the throngs of HG fans. One thing that sets me aside is, I don't love Peeta. I find his name annoying, and I like Gale best. Gale was there in the beginning. You can't replace him with Bread boy.

Back to trip, we stopped at Destin (I think that place sports the most prettiest water I've seen yet) and, for the guys in our house, just HAD to stop by Bass Pro Shops.

It was ok, I got a lot of pictures, but shall only put two up here.

After that, we went to NY&Company. Do you know expansive things are in that store? It can be frightening.
I got a pair of sunglasses, which I needed, and a shirt/cardigan set, which I didn't need, but wanted nonetheless.

Our arrival home was wonderful. Trips are fantastic, but nothing compares to home and your own messy bedroom

Saturday, we were preparing for a wedding we were catering, but at 5 (pm) my bestie, Joanna, picked me up so we could celebrate her 17th birthday. We had a blast! I have never had so many inside jokes, as I have with that girl.
(Jo, "is that my thumb?!" ROFL)

Sunday was our catering Diddy, but since it was a small affair, only Daddy, Mama, Evan and Shauna were needed to serve. The rest of us stayed home and watched Star Trek.

And now it is Monday. I'm ready to settle down with a good book and read. No, perhaps I should do a Hunger Game book review, then write. I desperately need to write. I haven't for, oh, since before we left for our trip. That is a horrid lapse for a writer!


  1. Are the Hunger Games not AMAZING!? I was so into the first one that I felt so THERE - it was hard to come back to reality. The second book was good, and I basically cried through the third. I can't wait for the movie!

  2. It sounded like you had fun! =) Guess what?! I got the Hunger Game books for my birthday!! :D So excited, and I can't wait to read them...

  3. awsomeness glad you are back sounds like you had a great time. My sister just bought the hunger games so i have to find a way to read it when she isn't lol (since i am too cheap to buy my own). great post

  4. YES. You like Gale too! I adore the Hunger Games, and Gale is simply amazing. :)

  5. Welcome back to blog land! Missed you!

    I love Pensacola. :) We are supposed to go there (or maybe somewhere near- not sure what Mama said) for vacation this summer. Getting excited!

    I'm not one to get into the newest, bestseller series, but I may have to look into reading the Hunger Games. They seem to appear EVERYWHERE. (Peeta... for a boy's name??? Um, not my favorite. I had a dear friend named Peta, but she was a girl...)

    I didn't realize there were so many in your family! 11... wow!

    Oh! And I'm working on perfecting your design... :)

  6. HOW FUN! So I guess that means the Hunger Game books are good ;)

    PS I am having a giveaway on my blog and would LOVE if you would check it out!


  7. Sounds like you had a pretty nice time! Pictures would be cool!

  8. Cute blog, Ashley. I think your blog header's "description" is adorable. (As is your header. ;D)

  9. Ahhh haha the gif is so perfect! And Peeta, he is really a nice guy, BUT GALE! GALE IS THA MAN! bahaha. I think it is a tactic of Collin's to shift the focus to Peeta to make us all smitten with him. But I am forever loyal to the first faithful man, Gale. Seriously, Gale was like the best friend to her and always there and... like perfect. Yes. Anywhooo.... guess who is about to start Catching Fire!? :D hahah. yesss!

    THIS IS MY THUMB!? *telepathic rats*

    Christine: I beg you pardon?
    The Phantom: For what?
    Christine: I thought you said something
    The Phantom: I said nothing. But I caught myself thinking about you. Thoughts that surprise me. And I'm not easily surprised.
    Christine: Thinking about me? Why?
    The Phantom: I wanted to tell you, your voice fills my heart with divine light. Shhhhs. Listening too you is sublime, wonderful. This must be our secret. Tell nobody, then no one will know we'll meet again.
    Christine Daae: How?
    The Phantom: When you hear my thoughts, you'll know where to go

    Ehmm... I would have ran away! Far, far away. I don't want no man to harass me with his thoughts.

    Our inside jokes would terrify the average human. haha ;D

    End of Chapter 2

  10. Who cares what his name is.. all though i think it's kinda cute. :P
    ..or maybe I'm just weird? lol
    any-who, so glad you've joined the club!-there such great books, although i do despise the way it ends. [mockingjay] very depressing sort of a way to end it. i mean heard of a happy ending anyone??

    yes, so glad your back! *hurray!

  11. Hey Ashley!
    Hope you enjoy the books-they are addicting, aren't they?

    I'm just commenting to ask you about the items you donated for the TLF giveaway? Are you still donating them, or are you withdrawing them since you've left? We are allowing all former members to participate, and we'd love if you kept your entries and donations in the giveaway. A bunch of girls really want them! ;)


  12. Hey there! I'm a new follower. =) and I'm also a Hunger Games addict!! And I'm unabashedly a Peeta fan. =) I appreciate Gale's friendship to Katniss, but the boy with the bread comes out on top for me. =) LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him!! But I hope you get the chance to read the last two books very, very soon!! =) Feel free to drop by my blog anytime.

  13. LOOOOVE the gif, Ashley! I'm using them in my head throughout the day all the time, because their so perfect! :D

    Glad you had a good time! I'll looking forward to your future posts! :)



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