Handwritting // Inspired by Laura (and annoucement)

Laura over at 'Pens and Camera Lens' (She has a really cute blog, you should check it out!) did a post about handwritting, and gave a few picture samples of her own.  Me, being the blogger who has sorta left her poor bloggy in the cold, and needed something to actually SAY (Despite the huge announcement at the bottom of this post..), thought, "Thats a cool idea! I should take it, and modify it!" Sorry Laura, if you consider that stealing....

 My cursive.  Not overly impressive, huh?  I enjoy writing in cursive, but sadly, just don't do it (I think fast, and write cursive slow.  I end up messing sentences up) unless I am signing something.
 My normal handwriting.  See how i loop my 'Y' tails? I never to capitol Ys, they are just boring.  I always do the lower case with a loopy tail.  And, you can't see it, but more often then not, I heart the dot on an exclamation point. But never a question mark.  Don't ask why, for I myself have no answer for that question...
  Blogger, you know just how annoying you can be? Why? Why must you make this go sideways?  I apologize folks.  Maybe I should threaten blogger...maybe I should move to Wordpress...
ANYWAY, if you tilt your head, you can see what my Hand writing looks like when I am very careful.  Notice, I still loop my Y tail. 
And, this.  Betcha most of you can't read it.  Shall I decode it?
"In Sleep he Sang to Me..."  It is Redwallian.    You wont understand unless you have read 'Taggerung' by Brian Jacques.   I write in my journal in Redwallian, since no one in my family (but myself) can read it.
I like to keep my Diary thoughts personal, thank you.

I enjoy writing letters, but here recently, I haven't had any body to write to.  Actually, it got pretty desperate.  I started writing letters to Seven of Nine, Tom Paris, Dr. Crusher, and Captain Picard.  No, you may NOT read them.  Each letter is now destroyed.

But, in February, Marian contacted me, and asked if I wanted to exchange letters.  I was overjoyed!
And then, after doing her Guest Post on here, Lindsay asked to write each other!  My parents let me decide whether I'd like to write to her, and how could I say no?  So now I have two lovely gals to write to!

Now, for the BIG announcement.  I told you I would tell you readers when I got Avalyn up and running..and it is!!

Avalyn Designs on Etsy.
Avalyn Designs on Facebook

I haven't done much on my FB as of right now, but I plan to once I get more time.

So, Anyone up for a g


  1. Yay! Your etsy is beautiful! LOVE IT! The quote

    "In sleep he sang to me"

    Sounds like Phantom of the Opera... :)

    I am playing a phantom of the opera song in our piano recital (but I don't think I can see the movie till I am older :( I have just seen some of the songs on YouTube.)

    Anyway... Pointless comment? ;)

    1. :O WHAT SOOOOONG??? I absolutely love playing them on the piano (I have the piano book), they're so beautiful.

  2. "in dreams he came.... that voice which calls to me, and speaks my name..." gosh I've been singing that all week! We taped a performance of the musical on the TV ^_^
    You have BEAUTIFUL handwriting! I am ever so jealous!
    I really like the music on your blog btw ^_^

  3. Well, your print is MUCH better than mine, that's for sure! Beautiful y's too!

    Yay! It's open! You have some really great pieces. I think I know where to come if I ever want to host a giveaway... ;) Only, I don't know how! Is there anyway you could do a post telling us what to do and how it's done?

  4. http://dramaticelegance.blogspot.com/2012/01/beginnings-seventh-giveaway.html

    you won item no. 2 in my giveaway! can you send me your address again, lovely lucky lady!

  5. awsome post i loop my y tails too you have beautiful handwriting

  6. Okay so I heart my exclamation points too, and not my questions marks. haha :D


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- Blaise Pascal