Ma Journee {Entry 4}

Well, today started out late.  I woke up, and the clock's read 10 AM.  Record people. I hardly EVER sleep in that late.  It's like, almost impossible.  After 7, I'm much to wide away to go back to sleep until at least 5 PM.

Well, the mail had already ran before I was truly up and about (I normally walk around like a zombie for five minuets after waking up).  And I got a lovely from the one and only Rachel from Dramatic Elegance:

It is from my all time favorite online store, Shabby Apple.
Really, they are a BEAUTIFUL shop.  Most of their items are modest, vintage, and totally chic.  You should SO check them out.  I've been wearing my necklace clock all day.
And  I got a compliment off of it today at the bank.  Don't you love it when that happens?

We ate Brunch (a mix between Breakfast and lunch), and started getting ready to go to town.

How many girls do you know, that dress and primp themselves up just to go to the library?  I look like I'm going on a date most of the time.

I'm a new driver, (New meaning, has only driven on a paved road two or three times), but I drove halfway to town today.  Without killing us all.  BIG achievement people!

First off, we stopped at the bank, as my brothers and I had to cash a check, we use two separate banks, so that was two stops.

Then, to Heaven (AKA, the library).

I really love that place.

My selections for the month?

Amarathine from Amarathine Forever suggested this book series, and I got the 1, 2 and 4. (I thought book 4 was book 3, so, it was a slight confusion.).  And, OH MY GOODNESS OH MY GOODNESS.  I already adore Artemis.  A 12 Year old super villain with Sherlock Holmes personality?  I'm only on page 34, but, Wow. Amazing.  And, I heard they plan on making a movie? Buy me a ticket, and reserve me a seat.
Oh, and Butler. What a sweet, gentle, gun toting, giant of a fellow. 

I haven't started this yet.  I just saw how it said "James Bond and Harry Potter mixed together", and while I'm not a HP fan..exactly...I have been going through this James Bond faze.  Thanks to Mirriam and Finn McMissile.

I realized how few 'girl' books I read.  So, I decided to throw myself a curve ball, and see what happens.

 Dunno much about this one, just thought it sounded neat.

I am an Agatha Christie tycoon, nearly.  I love her books, They are better then Arthur Conan Doyle's work.  There, I said it.  But, Sherlock Holmes is, and forever will be, my love.  I adore Holmesie with all my Fangirl heart.

And this.  I am actually reading a Star Wars EU. 
Now now, no need to look like that.
Since reading reviews, I've learned that this probably isn't the best EU to start out with, and while I'd prefer to start out with Thrawn (I LOVE HIS EYES!!!), I can't help that they didn't have any there.

So, Thats that.

I need to get back to Artemis.  I think he is calling my name. 


  1. It's usually rare that you find me up and about before 10 AM. I'm definitely a night owl --left to my own doings, I'll stay up all night and sleep all day. Nowadays, I only stay up to about 1-1:30, because I like doing my schoolwork at night. But my parents wake me up at 8, so I'm trying to go to bed earlier. :P

    1. I'm a night owl as well, but I require very few hours of sleep. Normally.

      Most nights I read until 1-2 AM, then wake up at 7 unbothered. Except for my 5 irratable zombie minuets. Lol

  2. The same here, Ashley! I never, ever sleep in. The latest that I've ever slept, is like 9:00 (and that was after staying up all night at a sleepover). Anywhoooo....great post! =)



  3. 'Bout dressing up just to go the library - I found an awesome quote on that a while ago:

    "Never leave the house in sweats. A girl must be prepared to meet a dashing stranger or an old enemy." - Anon.

    1. I love it! In my case, I'm more likely to meet an old Enemy, however.

  4. Great post! Wow, that necklace is really pretty.

    Ooh, I LOVE Artemis Fowl. He's just... epic! On so many levels ;D

  5. Fantastic post. Haha i am usually opposite i sleep in til at least 10 or 11 when i can. I am definitly a sleepy head hehe. anyway awsome book selection have fun reading.

  6. Hey, the library is serious business. It should be a requirement to dress up ;D

  7. About the Artemis Fowl book...is it clean? Cause I'd love to read it--sounds really intriguing!

  8. Oh WOW epic necklace! I covet it haha! But it's really very nice.
    I loooooove the library!! :D We have a nice library ^_^ I want to live at the library... sadly I can't read fast enough to go there as often as I used to =p
    Oh, one thing. Why is he named Artemis? That's the Greek goddess of wisdom...

  9. *cracks up*
    You're so welcome. XD
    And Finn says ditto.


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- Blaise Pascal