Busy as a Bzzz bee

Finally, I'm awake enough, and my weekend has slowed down enough to do a proper (ish) post.

Let's start off with Friday, shall we?

Our homeschool group (which is a group of awesome people and families, BTW) does an 'Olympic Day' once a year. A certain family volunteers to head it up, and it has involved Javelin/PVC pole tossing, sack racing, bean bag toss, frisbee throw, 50 yard dash, long jumping, 3 foot race, and lunch.
Signing up for the teams.  There were 6 groups, 1 being the littlest kids, 6 being the oldest kids.
Guess who's family offered to plan it this year? That's right, mine. Let's set some things straight real quick. I *don't* compete physically. It just isn't going to happen. I'm sorry. But, "I'm a writer, not an athlete!". Second, I'm not an outdoors person. I pretty much coop myself up in my bed room during summer. I am a reverse schooler, most of my school and writing gets done during the summer. Yeah, I'll swim if my family decides to go to the sink hole, but other then that, inside I stay. This post could easily turn into a rant, so on I shall go.
At finding out she was the only girl in group 6
 Imagine my happiness when the weather was a beautiful, sticky, humid day? Ah, the horridness of FL living.
Thankfully, I discovered my Mother really does love me, because she said we would need *someone* to take pictures of the event! So, we drove off to the local park to start our event. Wait, that last sentence needs a bit of correction. I drove us to the park. I don't think you people fully understand the gravity of that. For the first time, I, Miss-Afraid-of-fast-Speeds, drive 50 MAH, down a state Rd, then into town (slowing to 30), and pulled into the park without a dint on the van, and all her passengers alive. It was a big achievement!
Miss Madison herself
Anyway, I got us there, and the other people started arriving. I was sad to find out that my bestie was working and wouldn't be able to come. That was a very sad moment. And then, Rachel, another one of my friends was helping her sister who just had a baby, so she couldn't come. And Sarah, my fellow Science Fiction freak couldn't come because HER mom just had a baby as well. My whole circle wasn't there! I felt like a broken chain for a but. Well, Caleb was there..but I don't know what to classify him. He is just..odd. I wasn't the only girl there, by far no. There was Katherine, Madison, and Kayla, who is another good friend. I will admit something here and now, I always dreaded being with Madison without Joanna. I'm not a hyper person. I like to think of myself as refined, stately, and calm. Though, my brothers say I'm just boring. But Madison is VERY hyper. Very. Like I feel the very life drained from me hyper. At least, that is how I always saw her. But I think I got to know Madison a whole lot better on Friday. Maybe because I didn't have any one else to hang out with and I didn't have a truly honest excuse on why to avoid her. I found out, she really can be fun to be around! I'm not going to regret being around her from now on. In fact. Maybe I'll even send her a FB friend request. My final token of friendship. If you get a friend request from me, your a top dog.
Katherine and Jed at the sack race. Jed won.
 So, for the most part, I stayed out of the games, but took plenty of pictures for our yearbook, and you lovely readers. But, I was needed in the 3 legged race. On team 6, there were only 9 people, and they need an even number for that race. I was drafted. I got paired with Madison since our height is similar, and while we lost grandly, it was still fun. Then, I decided to try my hand at the bean bag toss, and won. I was at 30 points, Madison was at 23. And everyone else didn't even clear 10. We decided our winning was due to both of us playing Angry Birds. When you play that game, you must judge height and how far/high you need to aim your bird. It must've paid off for real life experiences.
Madison and Me, connected at the knee.
 Someone picked up Hungry Howie's,and we ate Cheese and/or Pepperoni pizza for lunch.  I texted Joanna, and she took her lunch break with us.  which was wonderful.  :-).  She brought her Brother (Caleb's) Game Magazine, and we (guys and gals) both oohed, and ahhed over it.  I shocked the fellas by telling them I played Assassin's Creed. Yeah, don't look so shocked guys.  Then, Me and Madison pulled out our iphones, and showed each other our Dragon farms on Dragonville.
And then, Joanna told us (kinda) about this game called 'Temple Run'. (That wee mention you made Jo, it has cursed me).
Naturally, curious me, I looked it up once I got home, and became addicted. Instantly.

I have The original guy, Scarlet Foxx, and the Japanese lady.  Currently, I am using the last one. 

That pretty much concluded our Friday, so I shall move on to Saturday.
Jewel taking a picture of My cousin, Arabella.
I volunteered to help out at a Ladies Tea benefit.  All proceeds went to GEMS Prison Ministry.  I donated an I-spy-bag and earring/Necklace set (Renaissance style).  But, I also helped out with the Photography table. Our job (There was me, a girl named Jewel and her friend, Emily, and Jewel's mother, Mrs. Esther), was to take pictures of the tea goers (if they wanted) after they dressed up in the provided boas, Hats, and gloves.  I had to wake up at 5 to get there on time (the Tea's location was a good hours drive away), and I had only gone to bed at 12.  You can imagine the physical turmoil this Night Owl went through.  But, I shut up and acted like a big girl.

One of the lovely Cameras provided for us photographers.
It really was a blast, Even though, after it all, I felt like dying.  I was so tired.  We got really swamped, and it wouldn't have hurt to have a fifth person at the photo booth, really.  Oh, and it didn't help that one of the cameras decided to stop working before we even got started.  My tiny, cute, but effective G10 had to be drafted.  It was a stroke of luck I decided to bring my little Trusty along.  If it hadn't already, Little Camryn proved her stuff that day.

After it all, after I got home, I felt like just sleeping for a thousand years.

Then, the next day, My whole family had to go 'big shopping'.  Which, in a family of 11 people, means shopping at Sam's Club, and stocking up on basics. 

It wasn't until Monday/Today, I actually got my sleep in time.  9:54 baby. 

So, This has been a long enough post.  But I thought you readers would probably want the reasoning to my absence.


  1. Great post! I'm glad you had fun :)

    But while your new blog design's great, I can't see your sidebar on the home page. And you button's broken now to! :(

    1. I know about the blog problem. I have no idea what is wrong with it! One minuet, it will be back to normal, and then the next, it will be messed up again. I have no idea what's up with it. Me and my Designer have been trying to fix it.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! I can FINALLY comment! I've been trying since Friday (since I told you about not being able to)

    I did kind of take advantage of being the FIRST one with the magazine, AND A GIRL at that :D It made Matthew so made. I forgot to text my other manfriends and see if they had gotten theirs yet xP Watch us become the best Assassin's Creed gamers of all time! You're gonna have to help me...

    Temple run... hehehe I deleted it. It made me so mad. Which, okay remind me to tell you about my experience with Black Ops... yeah...

    haha ok bye.

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! =) And I ADORE Madison, she's *amazing*. Such a happy girl and always herself.

  4. Fantastic post. It sounds like you had a great time. Great pictures. And congrats on driving that far and that fast hehe and without any dents? that indeed is an accomplishment I remeber when i started driving i was the same way going 50mph was a super scary thought, great accomplishment hehe. anyways GREAT Post God bless

  5. I hear you - sometimes I wish I was a hyper person. But I'm just not.

  6. How fun! ^_^ Our homeschool group does a similar thing, it's so fun doing stuff with kids!!


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