I am so ashamed. (giveaway winners)

I can't believe I did that. My giveaway ended on the 11th, and I completely forgot all about it.

I'm terribly sorry, those who entered.

Okay, so, who is ready to hear who won what? Ok, ok, not so loud Ladies!

The winner to the Phantom of the Opera earrings is:

EMILY! From Little Droplets of God's Grace. (I would make it a link, but I am doing this via iPhone, and it's just not possible). Emily had 9 entries. Emily, promise you'll let me drool over these after you get them? Please?

The winner to the Union Jack pillow is:

NATALIE! From 'Lost in Thought'. Congrats, girl. I really envy you. I might have to buy me a union jack pillow someday. Natalie had 11 entries.

The winner to the Fae Bracelet, and Pink Sapphire earrings is:

Autumn! From 'An Autumn Day'. Bravo, and congrats Miss. That bracelet is really pretty. I like it very very much. :-) Autumn had 21 entries. I am very much surprised I didn't pull her name twice.

The winner to the Paris Journal is:

-Rachel! From 'Rachel Images'. I do hope that is your primary blog. You do have a lot. Like me. Lol
Anyway, I'll say that Journal was perhaps the hottest item on the list. Most people said that was the one thing they'd like from the giveaway. And, well, I also envy you as well. I pretty much tend to give away things I'd die to have. Lol. Rachel had 2 entries. Isn't it awesome? Just two. She had the least amount then everybody else, yet still won. Shows ya, everything counts!

Ok, would you lovely ladies email me your mailing info at: Godsforlife AT gmail DOT com, puhleeze?

If I do not get your email before Tuesday (the 20th), I shall be forced to draw a new winner.

And to those who didn't win, thank you ever so much for entering! And, don't be faint hearted! Me and Grace Anna (from Love Poured Out. She is also the stunning designer behind Cheery-O. My blog just wouldn't look the same without her talented hand!) have a super huge party planned for April! Oh, it will be a grande Garden Party, and all are invited! (a wee private joke between me and Joanna..but if you have much knowledge of Jack Sparrow, you might get it. 5 stars if you do). So, keep in touch, and be aware of any upcoming spoilers about the grand event!


  1. Is the 'G' in Godsforlife capitalized?

    I'm So excited!!!!!


    Ashley. You did not. It's CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow.

    "Ehmm... there should be a captain somewhere in there..." haha :D

    Congrats Emily! I HAVE to see those too sometime ;D

    1. I'm sorry, CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow. Pardon my manners.

  3. Oooohhh muhhh gooddnessss! I CANNOT believe that I won this giveaway. *SQUEALLL* Thanks so much Ashley! And of course, I'll even let you WEAR them when you come over. ;) haaha Do you need my address, or do you have it?

  4. Phantom of the Opera earrings? What do they look like???

  5. (This is in reply yo your question :D)

    Oh, no. I'm not allowed to have an email, yet. Oooh, I can? Thanks! I'll do it in a minute, lemme finish math... :P

  6. Yayy!
    Oh this is aaahhhhsome.
    thank you!
    --emailing you now..


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