New Winner!

Ok, so Autumn, the winner of the Fae Bracelet and pink sapphire earrings never contacted me. I had to draw a new winner.

And, the new one is:

Jedi~Chick! From 'To Thy Own Self Be True'!!

Could you please email me at godsforlife AT gmail DOT com?

Ok, and I know the rest of you girls want a real post, well keep your shirt on (I cant believe I said that. Such a horrid phrase. There HAS to be a Shakespeare phrase that could replace it. I must journey to the ends of the earth to find one!!). I do have a real post in the works. Just hold on. It's coming. Hopefully today.

With dreams of Michael Sullivan ( me and Captain Janeway have similar tastes in guys).


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  1. EEEEE!!!! Thank you so much Ashley!! <33 I love that bracelet! ;) I'll email you ASAP! ;D <3


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