Mon absence de photos

(Translated, means, "My Absence in Pictures")

You are all wondering if I was eaten by Zombies right after doing my Spirng Blog Party Post, since I have just poofed away. But I assure you, I have been busy Active and Alive!  Instead of relaying my movements word by word, care for such pictures?

 Today we realized that our library books were due today. We rushed ourselfs to the magnificent palace (also know as a library to some), and hastily returned our treasures to the grande Queens of the palace, (AKA, Librarians).  Up above, you shall see the 7 jewels I was blessed with, but hark! In a months time, I must return them, or...*que thunder claps and dramatic music*...the curse of a $.10 fine shall be issued upon mine head!  Oh, I think it needs pointing out..See I borrowed my first Scott Westerfeild novel (Ellyn?) and I FINALLY got Poalini's Eldest.  Very much excited for that, though I shall very much miss Durza...very much.
 While my absence, I reaggaranged my room to make space for this larger bookshelf. The one I had was close to half the size, and I don't think I could fit another book in it if I WANTED to. I had books stacked on books. And now, I've got everything arranged sweetly and with room to spare.
 Ok, my Potterheads....Do you see what I saw? No? Yes? For those who said no (shame on you, first off, because I'm not a potter fan, and still saw it) think Hufflepuff....

We had to go Thrift shopping due to me being invited to a 1980s themed birthday party this Saturday.  I had NOTHING remotely close to an 80s fashion, (and frankly, I don't particularly like the styles).  Thankfully, I managed to find something I didn't completely hate. However, no picture for you until Saturday. SUCKA!
 My Brother Evan modeling our Dad's Army graduation Uniform. My Dad was in the army when I was a baby, but pulled out when he realized how much time it took from us. He missed my 2nd birthday because of being in Boot Camp. Evan fit the uniform almost perfectly.
 We went Geochaching! Ohmygoshbubbles...it is so much fun. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the activity, HERE is the offical website. This was the last chache we found for the day. It was super easy, just basicallly laying out in the open, so, we..uh..hid it better. Much better.
 While Geochaching, we biked. Nice, fun, healthy family fun.  Poor Little Miss Shiloh didn't last the whole while.
 The first Geochache. Evan found it, and sorry for the quality, but it was getting dark, and we were being dive bombed by mosquitoes.
 Does 'No Trespassing' aply for Geocachers?
 My first Geochache! I found this one, and I must say, I did it with pride. It was almost completely buried in leafs and all you could see was a tiny peek of M&M green. I got to sign it. It was mine, after all.
 Riding the trail.
 As normal, FL weather has decided to just skip Spring. Welcome (or, in my case, un-welcome) summer.

I'm entering this picture in Grace Anna and Rebecca's Photo Challenge, BTW.

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Another picture from our thrifting.  I saw this, and loved it. As I've been told, I'm one of the few people that can insult you sweetly.  I didn't get it, as it didn't fit well, and the fabric wasn't that comfy. But I had to snap a picture.

I have had a lot of fun times this weekend with my family.
Love them.

I'm currently reading this book, and I LOVE it. Love. LOVE. Love. Incredible. H.G Wells is now one of my most favoritest authors. Ever.

And the grand finale! I had my first custom item! Actually, if you have been actively checking my shop, this is actually the daughter's love locket. I had someone ask me to convert it into a keychain, since her mom didn't wear jewelry, and she wanted to give it as a Mother's day gift. Easily done, and now I've sold it! Soon, Daughter's Love will be headed on its way to Singapore! 

So, see now, I have had a good reason to be absent.

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Signed with Scissored hands,
(I'm in a Burton and Elfman mood right now)



  1. Have I mentioned I love your blog? Cause I do. You are too funny! Sounds like you've had a great week!!

    1. Thank you! Glad someone enjoys my dry humor. ^.^.

  2. Looks like a wonderful pile of books there, Ashley! Although, if you want REAL Scott Westerfeld goodness, read "Leviathan." :) I've never read Midnighters, personally. Is it good?

    1. I want Leviathan, but apparently nobody ever thought to donate it. Have no fear, I'm still keeping an Eagle's eye on Paperbackswap, and I might just jump the gun and buy it.

    2. *claps* Do it! It's not a book of much substance, per se, but it's such an intriguing idea and the characters are really cool.

      P.S. I was gonna say - your little sis is ADORABLE.

  3. Wooo hooo scissor hands! I can walk like him now :D

  4. Haha, this post was great. Ikr?! The library is like a little peice of heaven. I love reading, it's just that I have a hard time finding time to read. I already have a pile of books that I have to read for school, so it's hard to find time to read the wonderfully interesting pile of books that you gave me. :) Thanks for the books!

  5. Replies
    1. yes! I do have instagram, and I LOVE IT SO. Instagram in incredible, I've gotten to where I only use it for taking pictures on my iphone. I also have a Canon G10 Powershot, but all the pictures on this particular blog post are from Instagram.

  6. Hey, I nominated you for an award over at my blog: http://www.ihavemusings.blogspot.com/2012/04/oohoohkreativ-blog-award.html


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