Spring Blog Party!

Cheery-O (And Avalyn), Love Poured Out (and it's Etsy) are hosting our first ever blog party....are you ready? Please, don't say that like the Sponge Bob

First off, lets get to the point with what you can win...shall we?

{Prize Number One}

A pair of Faerie Princess Earrings sponsored by Avalyn.

{Prize Number Two}

A Spring themed Head sponsored by Love Poured Out.

{Prize Number Three}

A Lady Emma Necklace from Avalyn.

{Prize Number Four}

1 full blog Design from Love Poured Out's designing. Grace Anna is truly talented! A few samples of her work include:

And of course, my Current design.

And I know you ALL want to enter now. In fact, how many of y'all are getting impatient? One hand..Oh, two..Three...four, no..five..Very nice.

Ok, Enter below in this rafflecopter:
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  If you don't know how to enter via the rafflecopter, its actually very easy. Just follow the instructions.  NOTE, your email address is not made public, and it is COMPLETELY safe. No fears.

And, since a blog party just isn't complete without a questionnaire of some sort...Me and Grace Anna put together a darling Little (well, 20 Questions) list. I shall fill mine out, so I can be a good sport.

Introduce yourself a little bit for those dropping by from the link up...
Oh dear. This always gets long when I do this.  Hello, I'm Ashley, I'm a born again Christian. Outside of following Christ, I am a born and raised Southerner. I grew up with Cicadas and Sweet Tea. However, as of late, my heart has been shifting to a more Union Jack point of view, and I've found myself actually leaving sugar out of my tea and without ice, and spelling things the British way.  I'm a born Star Wars fan, but have recently became a Trekkie as well.   I adore Classical Horror novels, Well, any Classic. I read a mile an hour. I'm a budding photographer. And I like to think I know how to write.  I have a Jack Russel named Ella, and 4 imaginary Assassins named Edge, Kanoro, Dagan and Nero. I like Hedgehogs. I adore Sherlock Holmes. Willy Wonka captures my imagination.
Hello, I'm Ashley.

Maybe share a picture of yourself? (optional)

What are your favorite colors to wear during the spring?
Same as any season. Every color I can get my hands on. Though, I tend to wear more drab tones, such as Brown, Tan and Black. I'm trying to fix that, however.

Favorite accessories to wear?
Hmm...I'm not a hat person, or really a scarf lady...Probably necklaces.

Hats? What's your opinions of them? What style do you like best? Are baseball caps unfeminine?
I like the Vintage styles. Pill boxes, really poofy I-don't-know-what-their-names-are kinds as well.
And are Baseball caps unfeminine? Hmm..No. I don't think so.  I don't like wearing them, but I can understand why others would. Oh! Two other styles I like are Deerstalkers and the Al Capone looking kinds.

Where you live, what are the first signs that Spring is coming?
Here in Florida, Spring kinda bursts out all of a sudden. One day, there will be frost on the ground, and the next morning, frogs are chirping, things are blooming and Wal-mart is putting swimming things on sale.

What is a normal Spring activity in your house?
Swimming, Yard Work, and hanging loads of clothing on the line.

What are you looking forward to this upcoming Spring/Summer?
Well, Avengers is coming out, and I'm hoping we can watch it. But I'm also looking forward to VBS. I helped out last year with the crafts, and this time I might be promotted to doing skits. I love VBS, and I'm really hyped up about it this year!

Are you planning on taking any trips?
Not this Summer and Spring as far as I know, but Daddy wants to get to Tennessee this fall...which we shall be passing right by Alanta..and Alanta isn't to far from a lovely person I know...{hitnhint Mirriam} We haven't worked out particulars yet, though.

Will you be involved in some sort of volunteer work this year?
I'm hoping to visit the Nursing Home, and of course VBS.

Do you plan on doing something different this year than in 2011?
Trying to lighten my wardrobe.
Get into Photography instead of sitting on the sidelines.
Be a better blogger.
Do things I'm normally to chicken to do. Maybe I'll parachute! No. Bad idea. I'll stay out of that.

If you were driving a convertible on a breezy, warm day what music would be playing on your radio?
Brad Paisley's 'Find Yourself' and 'Collision of Worlds'. And maybe 'Route 66' as well. But not all at once.

Is there any book or movies you want to read/see this spring/summer?
This was my question, wasn't it, Grace Anna? why did I do this to myself...
Avengers, Edward Scissorhands, October Baby, Dr. Who and Sherlock, Yes, I realize the last two are not movies.
The Scorpio Races, Night Circus, Water For Elephants, and All of H.G Wells' novels.

Complete this sentence...please. "A Spring day is perfect with--"
a friend.

Have you turned on your AC yet?
Uhm, Yes. Many times. Sometimes, I think FL forgets...This is still Spring, not summer.

What smell brings past spring memories to you?
Grass cuttings always remind me of sleeping in late on Spring/Summer saturdays and waking up to Daddy cutting the lawn.

During the warmer months of the year, do you tend to hole yourself up inside, or get out and enjoy the weather?
I hole myself up. I hide in my bedroom, read, and write until we go swimming or I'm dragged out by my Summer/Spring loving family.

Please, take a look around our Etsy shops. Is there anyway we can improve to make our shops stand out and make a better appeal?
I can't answer this.

In marketing- do you think it is important for a blog and Etsy to, somewhat, match?
Yes! I do. It gives a togetherness to the whole outfit.

Like blog buttons, would you share a button linked to an Etsy shop that you like?Well...look at my side bar. I still have Black Cat and Ravens' up.

If you would like to enter the link up, go to Grace Anna's blog and do so!

Thank you for reading!


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  6. Ahh, yes! That was your question! :) Have you seen the new Sherlock Holmes movie? I thought it was pretty good and I was really glad that Daddy liked it. :)

  7. I'm thinking your shops are awesome! I love finding new shops and such on Etsy


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