Wheat and Cameras

Very Rarely am I the one in front of the Camera, smiling pretty. In fact, pretty much ALL the pictures we have of me, are self taken. (Self Taken=Self Deleted). I rarely LIKE pictures of me.  And now, I think that is due to not having a true photographer having take pictures of me. 
Saying, "Hey, you five year old, wanna take a picture of me?" just doesn't work.
Well, Joanna, (I sure to mention her a lot...Well, DUH! It's because she is so wonderful) wanted to get pictures taken together. Well, I stuffed all worry into a bottle, and threw it into the sea of 'I'll-think-about-it-later'.
The outcome?
I haven't had so much fun for a while!

^These^ are just the sample pictures our photographer, Mrs. Aleshia, put out.
 It was really nice being in front of a camera, and just letting some one else choose poses and props, for once! However, as you might notice, I couldn't NOT take some pictures of the Wheat field. My inner photographer was screaming at me to not let this opportunity pass, and she wouldn't shut up.
 My outfit! I wore my white dress, my younger sister's (Haven't got an older sister...haha) jacket, my Mom's undershirt, and my shorts. It came out all right. Actually, it came out very comfy.
 And my shoes! These babies are so comfy, and the only low cut slippers I can wear. All other shoes in this style rub a bone in my foot, and hurt like the dickens.

Why do we say, "Hurt like the Dickens?" I like Charles Dickens..
 Each time I had to wait for my pictures to be taken, I snapped away on my iphone. Oh, beloved Instagram!!

(BTW, if you want to follow me on Instagram, my username is ashleytahg)
It was really amazing finding a Cotton Feild in North Florida. You'd have better luck finding a Cotton Feild. Actually, if you have ever lived/been to North Florida, you know we have:

"Cotton on roadside, cotton on the ditch
We all picked the cotton but we never got rich"  -Alabama
I think every North Floridian has picked Cotton at least ONCE in their life, and has probably called it Florida Snow as well. Sometimes, it gets so thick, it does look like a blanket of snow. And then, you have some poor, unhealthy fields, where it looks like a couple cotton balls scattered around. Pitiful.
 But Wheat is so pretty. You can walk in it without getting torn to shreds (like Cotton does) and the sound it makes when it blows...Mmm Mmmm.
 And then, when the sun hits it just right...Magical.
 Plus, it so SO DANG FUN to take pictures of! My poor iphone camera was working over time to keep my snapping away happily.
 Oh, you might've noticed the watermarks on the bottom of my pictures. Oh yes. No more stealing! I finally got Adobe Photoshop 5.0 to work. Ah, I'm SO glad to have my photoshop back. Picnik ain't got nuthun on Photoshop!
 More wheat field....
 Mrs. Aleshia asked us to bring big ol' floppy hats. Mine was a dark tan, biggun. But Jo's was ^this^ white beauty. It was more looser and floppy-er then mine.  BUT! We also brought our Hatter hats, as you could see in the teaser pic way up at the top. That was fun. I love my Mad Hatter hat.
 Swayin' in the wind...
 Isn't she the prettiest?

 Something about the sound of Wheat, is just so soothing. I love it. I would read in it every day if I lived like a neighbor to one.
So. anyway. That's that. When I get the rest of the pictures from Mrs. Aleshia, I'll be SURE to show you my favorites!

Toodles for now...
Signed with Flour, 

pee ess:
The Vlog.
It might be a little while. I'm suffering from a throat cold, and it is SO messing my voice up. Would y'all rather me answer your questions in a post, or wait to do the vlog?
Your choice.


  1. Aw WOW those are some fantastic pictures!!

  2. It was sooo much fun!! :) I loooove that wheat field!

  3. So beautiful!!!! :D I'm also on instagram, I'd love to follow you!! My username on there is marileesunstar ;)

  4. Yes, we all know that Joanna is nothing but beautiful. ;) Hahaha.

    Those are some great pictures! *squeal* I cannot wait for my photoshoot, I've never been in one before, and I know you'll do a great job, Ashley. =)

  5. I say vlog :)


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