Modesty Mondays + Leibster Award

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Now, to start things off, Don't Nobody start getting it in their heads I'll be doing this every Monday! I'm terrible about a posting schedule, and instead prefer just heart posting (AKA, posting whats on my heart or whatever I feel like). However, Modesty Monday and a Feel-Like post just happened to collide together. So, I'm happy to do it today.

Often in the big world of today, it is rare to find Ladies who dress with class, and pride. Who aren't slutty in their fashion, and don't go all Lady GaGa on us....

However, There are a few Women who stand out, Taylor Swift being one of them.  However, right now, I'm not talking about the ubber beautiful Taylor, but the Ubber Amazing Kate.

Besides the fact that I LOVE Britain, Kate Middleton is a source of great...inspiration, to me.  Ya know, like every girl goes to college, meets a Prince, and Bingbadadoom, marries him.  Complete Fairy Tale.
And she has Lovely hair. Just, thought I'd mention that.

 Her fashion sense is very plain, mostly comfortable, and pretty much modest.  I just love it! And her hats...She has some nice hats.

A few of her dresses have lower neck lines, (not anything I consider bad, just lower then I'd wear) and for the most part, her skirts are at the knee or right above. But I still think thats fine, and I even have some things that go to the knee.
Can I say something real quick? Oh, duh. It's my blog. I like ^this^ dress. Actually, I adore this dress. I NEED this dress. The Waist is SO cute. The length is sweet, and the Color is a total win.

First off, love how they're kinda matching. Kinda.  She has SUCH a comfy style sense. Honestly, I'd be afraid to go 'All Out' if I was a Princess of Wales...or anywhere...but not Kate. She seems to wear what she likes, and likes what she wears. And I have to remark, "Uhm, Dear Prince William...That blue vest REALLY does not go well with the green jacket".

Again, sporting lovely hair.   Her dress=♥.  Isn't it so swishy, flowy and modest???

And last of all,
Besides it being humorous, Isn't her dress Cuh-yute? 

 Bucket List item #8:
 "Meet Kate Middleton". 

Wow. This post feels REALLY out of character for Cheery-O....

Now, for the Liebster Award.

I was awarded by Miss Emily over at Droplets of God's Grace (also the starter of Modesty Mondays).
Thank you! Finally, an award I haven't gotten!

Le Rules:

1. Thank the person that nominated you and provide a link back to their site    

 2. Copy and paste the Libester Blog Award to your blog.
3. Choose five bloggers who you feel deserve the award and hope that they will accept and nominate in turn five
Here are the people that I have decided to award!

And, I had to look up what 'Liebster' means. But, basically, from my research, when you say 'Liebster Blog' you are saying, 'Most Favorite Blog' in German. Happy? Good.

My Liebsters are:

Is any of you have already gotten this, just discard it.  And, I WOULD do Joanna, but, well, Emily already did.

Oh, alert! 
On the 29th I'll be doing my vlog. Unless, I get bored in between then...I guess we'll just see.


  1. Well, I guess technically I've been awarded twice xP

    C'MON! DON'T HATE ON LADY GAGA!!! You know I am Lady Gaga, and you will never be better than me. heheheh ahhh poor Linda. Such a sweet lady, really.

  2. Whoohoo! Another girl who loves modesty!!!! This was an encouragement! :D


  3. LOVE KATE. If I had her hair, I would be flaunting it to the world.

    And thanks for the award. <3

  4. Congrats on the award! And yes, Kate is gorgeous and has the best outfits... I finally found a tutorial for how to get her hair and I have been using it almost every day. =)

    I love your blog, by the way... <3

  5. Great post, and in reply to your question about 1D:

    They're not more like either, simply because they're better than both. And while I haven't heard many of their songs, I know they do not play fluffy... urrmmm, fluff about all the boys who've broken their hearts or sing songs with the name 'Boyfriend'. :P


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