In the 80's!!!

Before I begin my very much fun post...You deserve to see this video:

Now.  I'm not much of a fan of the Eighties...they hair styles, clothing, everything, just seems really 'out there'. And even while I'm an outgoing (at times) person, I'm not THAT out going.

So. I was invited to an 80's themed party by a good friend of mine, Sarah. (sorry, she hasn't a blog, Tumblr or Pinterest I can link to). at first I was like, "oh, just get some Stone washed jeans, a colorful shirt, I'll be ready to go!" And I might have been able to skimp on that, had my Mother, dear Mama, not remembered so MUCH about that time period. Lovely.

See how I went? Oh, L-R: Joanna, Me, Sarah, Rachel, Bethany.

We went to Goodwill, bought as close to Stone washed as we could find pants, that shirt (which I LOVE), The Belt, and then, Mama teased my hair. Mama had a blast. Naturally, she didn't primp herself up AT ALL.  Each time Mama had me look at my hair and see if I liked it, I would do a dying moan noise. Honestly, I couldn't believe she was doing this to me.  I dearly hoped I wouldn't be the only one to be in dress.

Ok....so maybe I was the most 'out there' person attending...it was worth it as soon as Sarah saw my wild hair, and colorful outfit. "I LOVE IT!!!" said she. And, we all know, making a birthday girl (even if her brithday was a couple months ago, and her family just got around the the celabration) happy is the point of the day.

 Earrings and hair sprayed hair. Boy, we emptied nearly our whole Hair Spray bottle on my hair.
 If you dont look at ALL of my hair, it DOES look a little cute...
 Me, and Joanna. Best girl ever.
 Doesn't this look like a 80s year book picture?
 80s poof.
We did indeed have so much fun! We played a few games, but most of it was spent talking. And Sarah just gets more, and more awesome.

 After cake and Pizza, they turned on a bubble and fog machine. I officially want a fog machine now. It was so cool. Everything had the 80's (cigarette) haze to it!
 Another outfit thing, see my lovely belt? I really like the belt and shirt. They are SO comfy.
 A disco ball! Added a fun touch.
 They had various posters set up around the room, and this was one of them.
 Another one. My favorite one. If I could meet any President, dead or Alive, I'd pick Reagan. He is just incredible.
Reagan also happens to be Joanna's hero as well. She needed this picture.

It was fun, getting out and dressing weird. I'm not the type to stand out and be the center. I don't like dressing funky, or taking fun chances. Getting out of my comfort zone is good for me, however. 


Disco lights//Hair that doesn't move//Dr.Thunder//Red Velvet cupcakes//Phantom of the Opera songs//Giving Gifts//Super Amazing People//My favorite color blue//Pink Socks//Bubbles//Artificial Fog//Old Songs//Old Movies//Doing new things//Sarah//Joanna//Rachel//Bethany//Thank Goodness, Instagram//Star Trek Funny Stories//Riding in a Mustang//Domino's Pizza.

Expanding yourself, Nothing else like it.

And, hey! This was nonschooler homeschooling! I did History today...first hand.

Signed with a hairspray bottle,


  1. 80's isn't a time period I especially enjoy, but it looks like you all had a lot of fun! Love that disco ball and your belt! And a fog machine! Utter awesomeness!!! :D :D


  2. I've got a lot of 80's music, mostly because it's the only things my parents buy on iTunes, and I'm too cheap to buy my own. XD

    I've got naturally 80's hair --big curls, big poof.

  3. HAHAHA! That is GREAT!

    And I love the Rhett and Link song. As soon as I saw your post title, I started singing it. :)

  4. Looks like an awesome party! Your hair is pretty cute!

    Just an idea...if you ever run out of post ideas, would you consider doing inspiration fashion posts for diff. time periods? Cause I have NO knowledge whatsoever of styles in any other period... just the other day I was admiring my friend's shoes and said, "They look like something from the..." and my other friend said, "Fifties," and I said, "Um, right...?"

  5. I should have worn the denim jacket. I look out of place! hahaha oh well, I had fun :)

  6. Hey Ashley! I just awarded you on my blog. =)

  7. Hahaha! XD
    Yeah I'm not into the 80's either, looks like it was an awesome party though!!!
    My mom is from the 80's =p


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