A big long post with bunches of pictures

I have rather been slacking in posting about my hectic life, haven't I? Well, here's to making up for it! Mother's Day was pretty eventful in two ways, one of which greatly leans on the other. 1) We were also celebrating my little Sister Kyla's birthday! Even though her actually day of birth was yesterday. 2) The last day we got to eat normal food. Let me explain. My Family has a lot of ailments. I have Bursitis in my knees, my brother Evan has SOMETHING funny going up with his knees. My Dad has Sleep problems, Mama has Gall Bladder issues and Chronic Migraines (I have Migraines 50% of the time my head hurts as well). All my little sisters have headaches at least once a week. Thats not a healthy family, peoples. So, to try to fix these ailments, my Family and I are going through a total diet change. No, we aren't going on a diet, we are CHANGING our diet. But to do so, we have to completely reboot our bodies. So, for 30 days, we'll be eating/consuming nothing but produce. Can you imagine how difficult that is for my family of meat lovers? Hey, we own a BBQ catering business!! I've held up pretty well these 2 days, since I'm not a massive meat lover. But my siblings have been talking amongst themselves: 

"Remember when we used to eat Krispy Kream Donuts?" "How does a McDonald's Cheeseburger with cheese just dripping off of it sound?" 

I try telling them it's not making stomaching the juice any better. The juice? Oh, forgot to tell you about that. Not only are we only consuming produce, but in order for us to get big quantities of it, we are juicing it together, and chugging. fast.  Breakfast. Lunch.  Dinner. Yeah, it's tough, but doable.

Now, lets get on with Mum's day 2012.....

Before heading off to my Grandparent's for the day, We celebrated Kyla's birthday. One thing she requested was an egg war. I politely declined being involved in the actual war. Too messy for me. And I have a bad memory associated with Eggs on my head...But they had fun! As you can ^see^.
While opening her presents, these little cuties were doing what they do best...being the sweetest Titus and Shiloh I know! Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without them.
Kyla's presents! Chapstick from her little sisters (Kyla is a chapstick addict) a Tutu from Mama and Daddy, and WAR HORSE! from Ashley, Evan and Zeb. Can  I be brutally honest? I wanted to watch that movie just as much as she. *thoughts on War Horse coming later!*. Kyla has read the book like 3+ times. It is her favorite book after the Baby Sitter's Club series.
I did the wrapping! Look at her troll face....
And at my Grandparent's. It had rained, and the golden light was TO DIE FOR! I snatched the birthday girl (almost) away, and had fun with a unplanned Photoshoot! You can see the whole lot HERE at my newly opened Photography Blog. Show some love and Follow?

Another lovely thing about M's Day....
I saw this. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. Where have I been my Trekkie life? I need to buy this movie. Now.


I loved it!

So, it's 10:06, and I *need* to get to bed.

Nighty night!

-Signed with Phaser Fire,


  1. Ohmyjollygoodness....That Star Trek is my absolute very best favorite ever!

    I'm the biggest fan. :)

  2. Aww I love her tutu! :D I wish I had one when I was little. Ya know, maybe I'll just get one for my eighteenth birthday! ... Oh God. Am I really gonna be 18? I'm still gonna act 16 hehehe.


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