Dear: (First Dear Boys/Girls post)

Dear Greg:
Hey, listen. You might think that wasn't your division, but it totally was. And do you honestly think that if you act this way I'll start paying you more attention? Try again, Tech Boy.
-I'm the Boss, User.

Dear Grey:
You are honestly so boring and so interesting all at once. And I'm glad we are finally understanding each other.
-Listen to your Master, Me.

Dear Erik:
Don't worry. Your not dead. yet.

Dear Eristor:
"I feel there's something in the wind, that feels like tragedy's at hand" I'm very afraid on how you and Sienna will pan out.
-Loves you, loves your Author.

Dear Sienna:
I'd be confused too.
-Also loves you, Also loves your Author.

Dear Irene:
Me and you are joined at the hip. Almost literally. Greg will never take your place, because he cant Run from weird Monkeys on Temple Run with me. Love you Tech Twin!
-Only I

Dear Camryn:
Hey, listen, I'm really sorry for abandoning you. It is my fault, and has nothing to do with you. I know Irene kinda took your place when she helped me discover Instagram, but I solemnly promise to spend more time with you, because it's only hurting me to not to.

Dear Mirriam:
You, YOU are awesome.

And just so I don't freak you out...I shall decode some of that...

Grey>>My Character
Erik>>Phantom of the Opera
Eristor>>Someone else's Character
Sienna>>From same story as Eristor
Irene>>My Iphone
Camryn>>My Camera

And Mirriam is a real person. ^.^

Also, Another sorta Photoshoot (see full shoot HERE). It's a good thing I have so many siblings at different age levels, but at the same time, is it bad for possible clients to see the same faces but different set ups? Anyway. Miss Shiloh May turned 10 Months yesterday. It's simply not nice that she enjoys growing up fast.

Dear Little sister:
Please stop. You're breaking my heart.


  1. Ashley, your dear boy/girl thing is one of the cleverest things I've seen in a LONG time!!!! I really love your secret names. :P


    I love you too XD
    I never let Eristor read comments and things online anymore
    (he misbehaves) but Sienna says thank you, thank you, and um -
    she's worried now.

    1. He might find out how big a fan following he has...and would that really be good?

      Yes Sienna. I have looked into your future and it warrants much interest!

  3. Bahaha, oh my. This majorly cracked me up. Love it! You're so creatively clever!

    Tell Grey that I have a character named Gray as well. I wonder if they have anything in common.

    My computer... doesn't have a name, sadly. I should work on that.

    And yes, Mirriam is awesome! As are you, my dear.


  4. AWWWWW, Kylie. I'm just feeling love all over the place. ^.^


Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.
- Blaise Pascal