Small Southern Doin's.

This Saturday was a little bit busy this Saturday. First off, Evan participated in a 5K. He has really gotten into doing them, and since My Dad's friend, My Photography Mentor, and our Town's Fire-chief (all the same guy, BTW) is also into them, our little bitty town has more then it's fair share if them. He keeps Evan updated on upcoming runs, Where they will be, and how much the entry fee is.

Evan, pre-race.
This was Evan's second 5K,and the first one I got to watch, The first one Evan did was really early, and I had a garage sale going on. He got a free shirt, Backpack, and some other random stuff sponsors put in the backpack. (My family's Catering was a sponsor. Thought you needed to know. ^.^)

Don't mind the shirtless idiots in the front, please.
Evan started off at a good pace, and since his first race was finished at 20 something minutes (thats like, unheard of for a first timer) we fully expected much of him. The first runner came in at 17 something minutes. THAT guy got a GRANDE applause. 17 minutes is, just wow. Then 20 minutes came and went...22...23..26..28..29.....

At 30 Minutes, 9 seconds, he came in, yelling, "I'm gonna Puke!!". Which stirred some laughter. We learned that along the trail, he HAD gotten thrown up, due to way to much Gatorade before the run. And THAT is slowed him down. Even so, we were proud of him, since that was a pretty good timing still, and he was about in the middle.

But, Zack also deserves some hooray. I think he was the youngest runner, and the little brother of my Bestie.   He did REALLY good.

After the 5K, we had to go to a fish fry hosted by my Daddy's boss.  Ok, ok..I'm hearin' ya..."But what about your Veggie only diet?". WEEELLLLL...it's kinda been altered. ya see, the littles couldn't do it. Basically, we were making them healthy at the risk of starving them. lol. Well, ok. It wasn't THAT extreme. But there weren't getting enough protein.  So, at breakfast, we Juice with 1 boiled egg. Then for lunch, we have Salad with home made Ranch. OH MY GOODNESS. I'm never going back to Hidden Valley!!! and at Dinner we have meat with 2 Veggie sides. But we have cut out ALL Bread stuffs. Which, we think, was pretty much the problem. Our bodies can't process Bread and Carbohydrates. So, out it goes.  Almost. Because, I had Hush Puppies yesterday. I regret nothing.

It's always a little awkward for me when we go to Daddy's work gatherings, as I kinda sit there and look pretty while feeling out of place. I'm not good at just 'meshing' with people. lol

But this time wasn't so bad. The food was good (all food cooked with Southern heart is...for the most part). I would take pictures (Apparently, I was the only one who thought about bringing a camera. But then, I promised Camryn to use her more often, so I'm bringing her everywhere with me again) and people would ask to see it, even if they weren't in it. Didn't bother me too much. ^.^. (note...do I use >>>^.^<<<< That smiley face to much?)

 In an effort to be somewhat healthy amongst all the fried stuff, baked beans, and other goodness, I ate ine of these. They had the Kabobs (Oh Mirriam. You hath ruined my with Eristor's Kelbabs, or whatever they are....) stuff in a halved Watermelon. And while it was a pretty neat display idea, my inner frugal, pack rat, waste nothing persona cried out at the wasted Half Watermelon. Oh well. Oh, and Zeb commented, "Those Swiss Roles are the best fruit I have ever eaten". Little brothers. I declare.

It was a really pretty day. A nice breeze, and it wasn't at all hot. Thats a lot, coming from Me, the girl who'd rather stay inside, is a extreme Summer hater, and as white as a Vampire.  The only problem was the Mayflies. Oh ho ho ho. I hate those bugs. I hate bugs period. I've decided, the only 'nice' bug is a Butterfly and Wolf Spider. Outside of that, they can all be put into a capsule, shuttled off to the sun and die for all I care. And if the little pesks FLY. No. I just can't do it. I honestly was freaking out. It took awhile for me to fully calm down to the fact that there were bugs flying around everywhere and that landing on you seemed to be their main goal in life. I went to roll the windows down to the van, as I didn't want them to get in there, When I get into the van, its supposed to be a safe haven. But there was already one in there. I could not get the keys out of the ignition because I was close to hyperventilating. It was silly. and crazy. And awkward. Mama had to come out and do it. yeah.

And then, I did something brave. As you might have noticed from the Mayfly incident, I'm not a very brave person. I like to think I am, but I know I'm not. I get petrified of heights, of bugs, of deep water. and normally, I except that fact, and keep on being my timid self. But, Saturday, I decided to step out and be brave. Maybe the Mayflies helped me get over the deep water, I mean, I had battled these bugs all day and only lost my cool, like, 3 times. Which was really good. Trust me.  Well, My dad's boss had his boat out on the water, and was giving people rides on it if they wanted. All my siblings, except Ruby (she takes after her big sister more then I'd like to admit..lol) wanted to. And I decided, "Ya know what, I'm gonna do this". Now, let me back up to Last 4th of July. I was made to go tubing because I had wanted to at first, then decided it was much to scary for a mouse such as I, but my Mama made me stick to it. I was holding on so tight the whole tubing experience, I had to pry my right hand off of the grips. Honey, I was NOT falling into that 'Eel infested waters'.  So, getting on a boat was a big thing for me. But I did, and while I was terrified the first part, I began actually enjoying it towards the end. But I also had some psychological though going on as to WHY I am scared of boats. And I figured out why. And, My fear of Boats and Ferris Wheels are actually connected. Yes, I have a great fear of those wheels.

When  was little, we went to this theme park called 'Wild Adventures' a lot, and when we got on the Ferris Wheel, I would go on with my brothers and Daddy. And as soon as we got to the top, all 3 of those knuckle heads would start rocking the car while laughing while I cried and pleaded for them to stop all while holding on to the middle pole for dear life.

Then, lets go forward some. We are now on a retreat at Orlando FL, and Daddy rented a peddle boat. Him, Me, Evan and Zeb all go out on it. What happens when we get to the middle of the lake? They start rocking. Same story. I'm crying and pleading for them to stop, and they are all having the time of their lives.

Notice the connection?
Thus, i have now placed the blame of my emotional problems on them, and my life will now be cheery. As, 1) I'm never getting on a Ferris Wheel with them. and 2) No more peddle boats. Even by myself. Just sturdy boats.

Signed with a quick nod,


  1. "I'm gonna puke!" haha - glad the race went well, despite all that.

  2. Yes, and your bestie didn't even make it to the race. bwahaha. fail.

    You need to go tubing on the Apalach with us! :D

  3. wow! I admire your bro for running 5K's--frankly, they scare me and I have this fear of throwing up :\, but Good for him!!

    I have a question....how does the whole sponsor/review thing work? I've been wanting to know all the specifics for a while. If you want, you can email me or reply in a comment.
    My email is natalie.dettman@gmail.com


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