::Just a Wee Phantom Ramble::

Life's been itself here lately. Nothing to huge, nothing to dramatic. Just itself. I'm currently listing two new items at my Etsy Shop, and Listening to 'Phantom of the Opera'. I must tell you, I have been captured by Erik yet again. It happens about once a month. I'll be going my little, own way, and I'll see a POTO pic, or hear a song....and I'm rehooked. For 2 weeks, I'll not be able to think of anything else. Erik will dwell in my dreams, and It's all I can do to not break out singing "You'll give your love to me, for Love is blind".
And the trigger point this time, was ^that^. Ohmigoshbubbles. Let me repeat that, Ohmigoshbubbles. All I can sing sing is "Look with your Heart" and "The Beauty Underneath". The story is sad, ubber ubber sad. I mean, REALLY REALLY sad. I do like, however, Raoul's portayal. Drunk, pitiful, annoying, Worthless Raoul? Bless you ALW. Bless You.{Getting off topic} Hearing the song "All I Ask of You" when Raoul and Christine are singing it brings tears to me eyes. But, as Christine says, "Tears of Hate". And then when Erik sings it to Christine, What does the brat do? Rips his mask off, and reveals him to the whole Opera. More Tears of hate.  {Back to LND}. 

The Fact that Erik and Christine have a son is a bit, OK, more then a bit, disturbing. First off, its pretty much impossible. and Second off, its pretty immoral. It DID provide a nice little plot twist. I somehow knew it the whole time, though. Somehow. I just don't know how.  People may slur Love Never Dies as they wish though, they can call it cheap and cheesy. They can call it boring, I still like it. It will never be the same as the original, but it is still pretty good.

At the end of the school year, our homeschool group does this little performance/speech/thingamajig
 that we grandly call 'The End of the Year Party'. We are SO ingenious.  Anyway, Me and Evan have decided what we will do next year. He shall play 'Think of Me' on the piano, and I shall debut in my Broadway career, and sing it! And I'm gonna try to get my hair and a dress as alike to Christine's as a I can. naturally, I'll want mine to be a little more modest, but I'll still face the small 20-30 person crowd, and pretend I'm singing in the Paris Opera house, as I someday wish to do.

Ok. Probably boring all you non Phans out there.


I'm such Phangirl, so, you must just put up with me.

Tootles, and may the Music of the Night never be done,


  1. You want to sing opera someday? Wow!

    1. Opera and broadway are the biggest dreams in my sky. :-). Little known fact about me.

  2. Hey, you are not boring me. Love Phantom. :)
    I would totally come to your debut! except, you know, I live in another state...not like that's never stopped anyone, right? :P

  3. This is fabulous... I love Phantom like nothing else. <3 It is a fabulous story filled with beautiful music and spectacular costuming. I don't like Christine, but I *do* love Raoul, and I really like the Phantom. =)


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