The moment//fictional short story

They nudge me, "Go on". I swallow hard, and tug at my gown's sleeves. "Do I look fine?" I ask, my voice strangely raspy. 'Dear God, please don't let my voice mess up!' I pray. "beautiful, like a Prima Donna" someone, I can't remember who, says. My Sister, she was allowed backstage at my request, pats my shoulder and smiles encouragingly. "This is your moment, don't worry". I nod, and walk into my position. No words of encouragement, no loving smiles can clear my heart's fueled race, or the pulsing in my emotions. People are clapping as the Velvet red curtain is raised, and the single spotlight drops on me. My first Solo. My first delightful terror. The orchestra starts, and I step forward, and my dress rustles pleasantly. In the light, tiny specks of dust float down towards me. I wait, my hands clasped in front of me, for the music's que for me to sing. It comes closer to the moment I need to start, my heart quickens, a thousand what-ifs crowd my mind in a nano second. Then, I think to all the work, voice lessons, and tears that went into getting here. My sister's words come back to me, "This is your Moment". And the worries fade away. A glimpse my Parents and brother's proud faces in the Audience, they have done so much to get me here....
The que.
I sing, I close my eyes, and let my heart pour into each note. I let the crowd, the lights, the stage, all the world evaporate. For a few minutes, only I and my song exist in the universe. I sing.
Then, it's all over. The world comes rushing back with throes of applause as the red curtain drops. I did it.
Suddenly, my sister is hugging me, she needn't fear ruining my ornate dress now. "You did it!!" she squeals quietly, lest the audience on the other side of the curtain hears. "That was beautiful, magical even" says another singer in the Musical. I beam, and thank each one.
That was my moment.

You don't know (Well, you might) how refeshing it is to write something that doesn't take long. To write a short story with nothing behind it. No chapters, no major plot, just a simple little story. I think this shall become a much accuring thing here!

Actually, what do you peeps think about a weekly link up where we post fictional stories? Something that has no revelence to any currant novel you are working on. Just some random short story that needs writing of it's own?


  1. LOVE IT!!!! I can really sense the freedom and freshness of the whole thing. LUURRRRRVE. =D

  2. beautiful... :)


  3. You are amazing! I could feel what your character was thinking. I would love to read more of these type things! :)

  4. I love the idea of a weekly link, though I might not be able to do it every week. But I absolutely love writing fiction, so I'm totally for the idea.

    Also, I liked your short story; it really felt like it came from you, because I know you've been talking a lot about singing. So this felt like it came right from your soul. :D


  5. That was beautiful, I loved it!!
    yes, I agree, I've recently been on a short story craze :)
    I like your idea of a weekly link-up thing, I would totally participate {well, honestly, when I remembered/felt like writing :) }


    {p.s. could you check your email? :) you had a giveaway at my blog and I emailed you the winner, but she says she never got a response. thanks so much :) love your blog~ }


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