Wet hair Ramble

My hair is wet right now. Me, Mama, Shauna, and Kyla (and the Baby) are going to a Thiry-One party, and I can't go with my hair a mess. It would be a breach of class. Just can't do it. But anyway, because I always draw a blank on what to call ramble-y posts, I dub this one, "Wet Hair Ramble".

I just realized there is Bokah in the background of this! YAY!!! I didn't think my camera would do Bokah. Now I'm proud of my baby Camryn. :,-)
Well, here in Florida, it is Summer. And I don't know about the rest of you, but it is already H.O.T, hot. This little blogger has taken to the indoors again. Spending my days cooped up with a book, a pen and my big ol' imagination.  There might be a reason I'm Vampire white...You think?

The reason I have been MIA this last week is mainly due to being busy, and Memorial day. While my family doesn't 'do' anything spazzy for the weekend, the Internet company does. Mama paid our bill, but they left before turning our internet on, so all weekend I've been running on the 3G for my iphone. 3G is better then nothing, but I wrote dear Will Ichabod Fernando Issacson (WIFI) a endearing letter when he was returned to us Tuesday. It was a rather happy reunion for me. I dunno about him, darling Will is very quiet.

As I said, Me, Mum, and 2 of 'the' sisters are going to a Thirty-One party. Everyone else is going to another run. I think it is only a mile, though. this will be Evan's second, Zeb's first, and even Annaruth wanted to run! Daddy will be going with her, because it is a night time run, and it really isn't safe for a girl/lady of any age to run alone at night. KWIM?

Lest you think I have forgotten about the Vlog, I haven't!! It is just..postponed. Youtube isn't wanting to upload my videos, and those things honestly take a long time to record.  I haven't had time to film a Vlog that may or may not be accepted by Youtube. Do any of you have any suggestions?

My library books are all over due. Thankfully, June is Fine Free month, so, I'm pretty safe. I know...I'm so sneaky. But, I'm not willing to pay the $.70 I'd be fined in total. I'm a cheapy.  Once I return my stash, I want to borrow Les Miserables. I've heard so much about it, I can't resist finding out what it's about. I could get the book free on my e-reader, but I don't want to do that. It seems wrong to get classical books on my Kindle. Especially ones as long as Les M.

I'm eating Peanut Butter on a spoon. *horrific gasps from crowd*. I can hear Time magazine already, "ASHLEY IS EATING PEANUT BUTTER!!". Yes, ok, so, it might be a little shocking that the peanut hater is actually eating the stuff of her own free will. But, I was craving it for some odd reason. I'm not craving boiled peanuts, though. So don't wave those under my nose. I might get sick. I've hated Peanut Butter since I was like...10. And I can't remember the last time I've eaten it from a spoon. 2 years ago I had a PB&J sandwhich, and hated it. And thats probably been the last time Peanuts have been eaten in butter form unless they are in cookies.
Ground breaking, I know. I'm eating Peanut Butter.
More Bokah!! Oh Camryn, you are making me so proud!!
I have been thinking about merging Writerly and Cheery-O together. What are you guys thoughts on this? Do you think if would make my blog confusing? Or more clear?

This weekend we were Bunnysitting for the Daycare next door. Their pet rabbit got out, and was running around (being terrified of our dogs on the other side of the fence) the playground area. I caught him (I was pretty proud of myself. I've never even caught a chicken) and then we called the owner, who we happen to know pretty well. The Rabbit had chewed his way out of the chicken wire in his cage, and hopped out. She asked us to watch over Mr. Bunny until she could come and repair the cage. In the meanwhile, our little girls got attatched to the thing. They put our little Dog harness on him, and walked him around the house. They fed him, played with him, and I feel a rabbit may be in our future.

Well, thats been pretty much the whole happenings around here. Pretty quiet, all in all.

Keep calm and Spock on,


  1. I've been wanting to read Les Mis over the summer too! I've heard a lot about it.

  2. I wish I could have made it to the Thirty- One party D: (If it's the same one... Twila's?) I figure I'm not contagious but I'm only on day 2 of the antibiotics... soooo yeah. Hope you have fun! ;)

    Oh, I like the idea of you merging the two blogs. Go for it!

  3. Les Miz is fabulous, and yes, it *would* be totally wrong to download it on your kindle. ;) But seriously, dear, if you read it, please let me know ASAP. Because I *heart* it!

  4. Haha. The peanut butter part made me laugh so hard. I have love peanut butter because without it I wouldn't be able to eat PB&J. And without PB&J...I couldn't call it nutty gum and fruit spleggings...which is what Brits call PB&J in England. Not willing to give that up...haha!


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