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Taylor Swift's Love Story
Siblings watching Star Trek: Voyager

Taylor Swift's Safe and Sound
Life without Bicycle Breaks.
Sullivan, my Character.
Kyo and Yuki,and Shigure, and Momiji, and Hatori, and everybody on Fruits Basket. Except Akito. He/She is a creep. And a meanie head. HE PRETTY MUCH BLINDED HATORI AND HAS EMOTIONALY SCARRED THEM ALL. Shame Akito. Shame on you.


To hug Sullivan, who is my epicest character, BTW.
A Milkshake.
To be on The Enterprise.
My Sherlock Holmes book to hurry up and ship itself to my mailbox.
To Learn French, Korean and Klingon.

We had a lazy morning, and the little girls watched about 5 Star Trek: TNG while I wrote. and then we went to ride bikes. I found out my bike's brakes were practically nonexsistant, which made for a fun ride. Even if I did complain, it was still fun. And then we went to eat Dinner at a place I shall not name...ok..McDonalds. Hang me. We deserve a treat after eating so healthily lately. I got a  Frozen Strawberry Lemonade, which smelled better then it tasted. Just sayin'.

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Scott Westerfield's Midnighters: Secret Hour

Well, thats 'bout it.

saranghae to all of you!

(Kudos to those who understand what 'saranghae' means....Mirriam?).


  1. Woot! You like Fruits Basket too :D

  2. I love this post, I did a similar one recently :) Taylor Swift is incredible, and I really love that green coat, I want it!

  3. love the outfit in the second pic!! and the quote XD truth!


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