The day that could've been crap

Yes. I said crap. Hang me. ;-)

Anyway. Yesterday was simply stunning, I almost wonder if I was an happiness drugs, because I was a sort of bouncy, happy bliss that whole day. And I'm NEVER like that. I'm a more melancholy/moody (Kyo at times) person. Believe it or not. I take joy in being a pessimist...yeah, I'm weird. I get it. I know and accept it.

Back to story. Feel free to slap me of I go on another bunny trail. It's 1:52
AM, and I'm tired, but can't sleep. O_o insomn-Ow! Oh. Right. Bunny trail...

Anyway. When I woke up, I was hot. That's NEVER a good thing for me to wake up to. In fact, waking up in sweat normally sets my mood for the rest of the day-grumpy and frazzled. So, my day started off on a bad foot. And then every little thing didn't seem to want to go my way. I'll admit, I was probably being a terrible brat. (YES! brat. I said brat. I can be a brat, selfish and cold hearted. Believe it or not. And you MAY NOT slap me. If it is in these little bracket thingies my brain forgot the name for...something about princes...it's not a bunny trail) and probably acting like a little Miss Kyo. Ooh..Miss Kyo I likes the sound of..ok ok! Back to topic. So I went and pretty much pouted in my room under the flag of "Nobody deserves to be around me when I'm like this". Which is true, but the REAL reason was that I wanted to go ball of paper and throw it at the wall while listening to the song "Despicable Me" blaring in my headphones. I also wanted to go kill people in Assassin's Creed, but Zeb had somehow ruined our WIFI, and you can't play the iPhone version of ACin 3G. His WIFI terrorism was just one of the things that that ticked this chic off.
So, while sitting in my room, I did paper tossing, repeat listenings of Despicable Me, and played Chess by myself. I let the Black win, because they were the villains, and would enslave the innocent sweet white pieces (maybe this finally gives you a good picture of my mind frame when I'm being Miss Kyo). This pretty much went on all day, I did come out and take pictures of my baby sister, so enslaving White Chess Pieces, Throwing paper and blaring villain songs seemed to have helped me. And then my Dad came home, and after he had been home for nearly 30 minutes, called me to come talk to them. Am I the only one who instantly starts a mental list of all the possible things you've done in the past month when your parents say, "We need to talk to you"? Well, turns out I wasn't in trouble. Thank God. But, in fact, they had good news! My Mom has been 'staunchly' against me working outside of the house. But, a friend of ours who owns a Convenance store is needing a new employee..he asked Daddy if I'd like the job. Dad and Mum talked it over, and decided they were fine with it!! So, tomorrow I go to formally apply to work at Qwik Pick. Fun fun!!!! The day just got instantly better. I'm happy again.

Hey peeps! I'm back to being Yuki or Togru again!

G'night now. It's late late.


  1. Congrats for the job, Ashley! I know you'll be fabulous. =) And this post made me laugh... especially the chess bit. We think alike, my friend. ;)

  2. *ahem* (I say crap all the time heh heh)
    I'm so glad your day went well!

  3. xD You get high fives for being so authentic / realistic online!

  4. I confess---I say crap probably too much....

    Anyway, how awesome about the job! It sounds like a fun experience, so keep us updated! Also, I totally relate to the parents-saying-we-need-to-talk feeling. Sometimes it feels like your heading to a death sentence! LOL



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