At Long Last.....

I've finally watched it. I've offically made my entry into the Marvel world, and there is no turning back. (You could say, I'm "Past the point of no return ROFLAB!).

There is so much awesome ness in this movie. I can hardly bear the lightness of my heart. You should see my Instagram. Loki might not have ruled Asgard, but he is ruling there!  I'm going to do a run by run of the characters and my thoughts of them.

I'm going to start off with Thor. Not because he is my favorite, but because, after all, the movie is named after him, and he IS the Main Character.   I actually didnt dislike him as much as I thought I might. Now, he still isnt my favorite. Too beefy and muscled for me. But he did have his moments where I actually liked him. His arrogance is quite funny in the beginning, and when he was yelling at Odin, I was doing the Loki, "Oooh, somebody in trouble" face. His cape annoyes me, though. Why does it stick out so oddly? Odin's does that too...if you noticed. Anyway. Thor wasn't as horridly annoying as I thought, but he still didn't make it to my favorite Characters list.

I REALLY liked Sif. I liked her can-do attitude, her warrior ness, and her smile. You have to be tough to be a Swordmaiden among men. And Sif could do that tough. 

Natalie Portman. I love Natalie. Besides the fact that she isn't the best role model in the world..actually..sctratch that, kids, don't make her your role model AT ALL. I liked Jane. I loved when she got all flustered and stuff the cereal and dirty bowl in the cabinet, because I'd do that. I loved her attitude towards the SHIELD guys, and I loved...ya know what? I loved everything about her pretty much. And then, she didn't give up on Thor. Instead of being sad and let down that he didn't return (she couldn't know the Bifrost was distroyed) she looked for him. Searched. Yes, thats MY kind of heroine right there.

Laufey and all the other Frost Giants.  Dude, they were just cool. I wish I could grow ice daggers out of my hand and stab people with it. Think of that, there wouldn't be any fingerprints or weapons left to convict you of murder...(Did I just think, much less, SAY that?!?! Sometimes the villain in me scares even myself). And Loki certainly is a tiny little Frost Giant. They didn't seem so giant at first, then, we saw Laufey, and I said, "Ok, that is big". lol

Darcy is actually my 2nd favorite character. "I just downloaded, like, 35 songs on there". ROFL! I love her. Her slight aloofness, her quirkyness, and her glasses. Oh Darcy. I hope she comes back in Thor 2!

Heimdall takes a REALLY close tie with Darcy as favorite number two. At first, he seems so bland, but you notice slight humor in him. And..and..he is just awesome.  Totally a favorite.

Can you NOT like Volstagg?

And did Fandral remind anybody else of Obi-Wan?

You might all be wondering why it has taken me so long to get to this guy. It's Elemantary, actually. I've saved the best for last.  Darling Darling Darling Loki. It's offical. I'm Loki'd. Not that I wasn't before, I'm just completely Loki'd now.

In Thor, I don't think he is bad. per sa. More, confused, lost, and trying to prove himself worthy. But in his own way.  And Loki is a trickster, a being of tricks, and lies, and micheief.  His ways aren't Odin's ways, or even entirely honorable ways.  And Ive decided, the only thing better then a Loki, is a blue, red eyed Loki. I kinda have a thing for Red eyed villains. Makes me love them all the more. Who cares if its a little cliche?

Each time those great Blue/Red eyes started getting all sad, I felt a little peice of my heart break. Oh Loki, Loki, Loki. 

I need a Loki t-shirt, a Loki poster...and a Loki helmet. Horns and all.


So, I liked Thor. Next stop? I want to watch Captain America. And someday, Avengers. Someday hopefully soon.

Now, Im off to write my Loki Fan fiction. Maybe I'll post it here, who would like that? ;-) Maybe it will get its own page up ^^^^^ There on the top.


But I must write it first.



  1. BEFORE I saw Thor two weeks ago I was like "the Avengers? EWH!" now I'm like "the Avengers? ooohh-weee!!!" <3
    Thor's my favooorite of them ALL. :)


  2. YAY! You've seen Thor!!! And yes, I agree with you about Loki in this movie, even though he becomes a full-blown villian in the Avengers. I like Thor, even though he was a jerk for most of the movie. And Darcy is hilarious. XD

    I'm dying to see Thor 2!


  3. Glad you liked Thor. I hope you will get to see The Avengers, it was amazing. My personal favorite comic book other than The Avengers was Captain America: The First Avenger. I am a major Marvel geek and I have seen more than 60 comic book movies.


  4. Haha! Loved your review! Although I must disagree with you about Loki. Thor...sigh...I LOVE Thor. He made you laugh, he learned humility, he got Jane (who is also a favorite character of mine!), Oh and he had a stinking awesome hammer. One of my favorite parts is when Thor throws the coffee cup on the floor...either that or when he walks into the pet shop, loudly exclaiming, "I NEED A HORSE!"
    But Darcy! Oh she is second fav. too! "How can a guy eat an entire box of pop tarts and still be this hungry?" Haha!
    Glad you liked Thor...Avengers was completely awesome as well, but I cannot wait for Thor 2...and maybe even a Thor 3!

  5. I actually saw Avengers first and then went back to watch Iron Man (my fave) and now have to watch the other shows... they are so much better than I thought they would be.

  6. LOKIIIIII, my baby!!! You're so epic in the Avengers, even if you xxxxxxxxxx to Hawkeye, who is under my protection and has my unending love. Ahem.
    And don't think I didn't notice the ROFLAB, 'cuz I saw it. XD

  7. I AM SO ADDICTED TO THOR!!!!!!! I love it. :)

  8. Glad you liked the movie! Thor is definitely my favorite of the single-character Marvel films(The Avengers is the best, in my opinion, though :) ). My favorite characters would be Thor, Lady Sif and the Warriors Three, Jane, and Loki. :) Thor is definitely my favorite Avenger :).
    Hope you enjoy The Avengers and Captain America :)

  9. Loki gets just that much cooler in Avengers... =)


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