Living in rural FL has it's benefits. What we lack in tourism (though, Panama City is trying to change that for us. Mixed emotions on that) we make up for in farms, Upicks and ranches. My mother being the health Guru she is, LOVES picking her own produce on family farms. Don't get me wrong, having buckets and buckets of healthy food is nice. But picking it myself? *grumbling noises* must I really? apparently she thinks so...
This week we tackled a recently discovered Blueberry Farm.  Mama had planned to go by herself, but I decided to be unselfish, and told her to wait and let us all go, after all, 4 buckets is a lot for one woman to tackle on her own. It would've been much pleasanter for me to just say nothing and let Mum do it alone....but nope. I was unselfish.  So, we all went.

Like my bracelet? I have been wearing bangles like a gypsy lately...its a sudden fashion craze I'm going through. It'll pass. Maybe

When we got there, I volenteered to watch the baby. For that, I got called a 'Lazy Heifer'. But I don't really care. Watching Shiloh gave me so much oppertunities for taking pictures!
I expected a small, family run farm. But this was huge. Come to find out, they also sell their Blueberries to the local Wal-Mart! No wonder at the size now.
Blueberries are great fun to photograph, BTW.
Zeb, working hard.

 Miss Shiloh May was angelic the whole time. Not a single whine, or cry out of her sweet self.
 Le Brothers le working in le Blueberry field.
 We;ve decided to make Shiloh wear shoes whenever she leaves the house now. She is walking like a champ, and needs to dress as such. ^.^
 Kyla and Titus working together.
 Bitsy Boomer.
Eventually, I did end up working. Shauna was getting hot, and wanted a break, so she pushed Shiloh's stroller into the shade and sat with her while I finished her bucket up.  So I wasn't such a 'Lazy Heifer' after all.

You know, it's really crazy the things that inspire a writer.
I got 2 story inspirations while out there. One of them, I've forgotten. And the other has really taken off. It's even got a name! 'The House of Five Brothers'. And it's got Characters! Shaan, Broden, Ponto, Shizuka, Hiram, and Shilah. And They've got a picture! :

Only thing it hasn't got?

A plot.

*facepalm* I'm such a failure as a writer. Characters, title, picture, check. Plot? Uhmmmm....

*double facepalm*

Well, on the good side, I really can't be distratced from "Fire" right now. It's really coming up and moving. I want to be able to focus on it without writing on any other projects.

That being said, work on 'Masqueraders' is halting until further notice. "Fire" takes front seat right now.

How did this post go from Blueberry picking to Writing woes?

Disregard me, I'm just listening to my own voice now...

Oh! I'm going to have to much fun tomorrow!! Seeing the Best Best BEST Joanna in the world. AND...Well...I wont tell you anymore. I need a juicy post for tomorrow!


-Signed with Gypsy jangles,


  1. That sounds like a lovely time ! I don't really like blueberries, but I picked strawberries with my family once !

    Alexandra Marie

  2. This sounds beautiful... I love blueberries!

  3. Blueberries! How nice. We have blackberries around our house and made ice cream with them, yum! Nice pictures you have ^_^

    I feel your pain with plot thing. I'm going through the same thing right now =p


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- Blaise Pascal