Dear Boys

Dear Random guy at Piggily Wiggily:
Your laugh. Oh my goodness. It sounded just like Woody Woodpecker. And you weren't doing it purposfully. you were just laughing. You lit up that whole store. Thank you. for just laughing.
Random girl who smiled.

Dear Vice:
Why do you evade me so?? I try to find you, I think I have you, and you change. Ah, but that is what I get for giving you the latin name meaning 'Change' don't I? I regret it now. Sorta. You are so deep. Ever changing, ever fluctuating. Ever different. There are elements to you that I hardly know how to express. Help me. Express yourself.
Author Author.

Dear Black Bag man:
Thank you for understanding and not getting upset. It would be natural to get upset when someone cancels on you. But you took it in stride and called me 'Ma-am' on top of it. Almost makes me sad leaving.
-Thank you sir
Site User

Dear Caller:
I think you were drunk.
-Don't argue,

Dear Sherrif man:
Why were you making faces at my little brother and just standing in front of our house? Weird...
I live here.

*Everybody who commented about my Christmas remark, listen up*

I'm going to do a deep post on the reasoning behind our lack of Christmas celebrating. However, its going to really step on you guys toes. Maybe. I'm praying, and asking God to help me word it so I get my point across, but don't lose the best 169 followers there are out there. *hugs*, or, as the Sohmas say, *Air Hugs*. ^.^


  1. these are nice :) thank you for sharing !!

    Alexandra Marie

  2. Ahahaha! :)

    P.S. I won't desert you just because your views on something are different than mine. :)

  3. I've said it before and I'll say it again: you crack me up!

  4. Love it as always. Thanks for linking up! :)


Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.
- Blaise Pascal