This is what Bloggers do when their blogging inspiration goes 'poof!'

A question run down! (To which, guys...this vlog thing is REALLY not working. :-/).

1 What's your middle name?
 Kayle. Like the leafy green plant, but with a Y. It's actually a mix between my Grandmother's names (Gale and Kay). They were kinda disputing over who I'd be named after. First Grandbaby, ya know how it is.

2 What was your favorite subject in school?
History, Lititure and....Thats it. lol

3 Are you named after anyone?
Uh hem. ^^^^^ My Nana and Meemaw. .
4 What color are your eyes?
Light blue/Grey. Sometimes they are more like blue, sometimes they are undoubtably Grey, and sometimes they look a little Green even. My eyes are very confused and wishy washy things.

5 Are you a gamer?
I could be. If our parents would let us have a Wii, Xbox or even a playstation. Yep. I'd go Assassin's Creed FTW!

6 Favorite colors?
Aqua/turqoise, Purple, Pink, Red, Brown, Black. Gold and Loki Green.

7 Favorite animal? 
 Equine. I want a Horse so bad, it hurts. Then, Hedgehogs, Fox, and Owls. And Cats. But Cats are...are they even animals? lol

8 Favorite perfume?
Vanilla Fields. I'll quote Grey (one of my characters from Masqueraders): "Perfume stinks. It smells like chemicals with, oh look, a little fake flower". Vanilla Fields smells like Vanilla and wont kill you (or Grey, or Me) with the smell of chemicals that reminds me and Windex.

9 Favorite holiday?
My brithday? We all know I'm just that fabulous...lol just kidding. Lets see, my family doesn't celebrate Halloween, Easter, Christmas, Hannakah, April's Fools, so, I think I'm left with New Years and Thanksgiving. Its a pretty easy choice between those. I'd like to celebrate Chinese New year, however. I think it would be fun.

10 What's your hidden tallent?
uhm...well, most people I know IRL don't know I can sing, because, surprise surprise, I never do it in public. And...I can write name poetry pretty much on the spot.

11 How many siblings do you have?
8! See that family page way up ^there^?  Go read it.

12 Who is your favorite youtuber(s)? 
Rhett and Link, MsSHERlocked, Julian Smith. WOW. I never thought I'd list Julian as a favorite. seems I surprise even myself.

13 What is your favorite movie?
Hmm....Lets see...*Rubs Hands*.We'll start off with POTO, add a spice of all the Night at the Muesums. and perhaps toss some Hunger Games, and finish it all off with a touch of Thor. Sound good?

14 What is your favorite tv show?
Star Trek (though they are no longer running).

15 What kind of phone do you have?
Iphone. Her name is Irene, and for a short while, I had my screen saver that was "I am 0000 Locked", and the password was really SHER. but, I changed it. So nanananananana!!!

16 How tall are you?
Uhm...5 something, I'm like 5'6. I think.

17 What is your relationship status?
Delightfully single.

18 What always makes you feel better when you’re upset?
Well, I actually did a post a bit ago about my anger management process. First off, I listen to angry music. Monster by Skillet and Despicable Me by Pharrel Williams are good examples. Then, I play Chess by myself. I always make the black ones win. Then, I write angry things in my journal. Then, I listen to Phantom of the Opera music, and I'm normally in a good mood after all that. If I can't do any of those things, I smile prettily and think of what I would do to the people who MAKE me upset if they were a character.

19 What's your b-day?
Febuary 11th.

20 If you where a superhero, what power would you choose, and what would your name be?
I've thought long and hard about this, I want to be able to summon animals from the surrondings. like, an Ice Dragon, or, Sand Horse. While i wouldn't be 'super' per say, I'd still have 'powers'. And my name should be some sort of Ninja-y sounding thing.

21 What quote/phrase do you live by?
I have 2:
"Follow your heart, but take your brain with you"
"Be a Froot Loop in a Cheerio World."

22 If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Uh, *coughcough* London. Paris. Europe period. New York.

23 Who is your celeb crush?
huh? Celeb crush? I don't really...ok. I don't have a 'crush', but I greatly admire Tom Hiddleston, David Tennet, Matt Smith, Gerard Butler and Benedict Cumberbatch. Great Scott, look at that. They are all British! Well, Gerry isn't, but he is close to it.

24 Do you use sarcasm a lot?

25 What is you favorite go to lipgloss or lip balm?
Uhm...I really don't have one.

26 Are you left hand or right hand?
Right as the Right!

27 What would you name your children?

Beverley Daae
Lillian Grace

Erik Dechagney
Sherlock Blackney
Percy Holmes

Yes. most are from movies/books. Hate on me, I dunno care. My kids are gonna be AWESOME.

I got this from Autumn. I stoled it. XD


  1. W...w...why don't you celebrate Christmas....?

  2. Haha. Loved the post! Especially the part about perfume. I totally agree. #24-sarcasm rocks.

  3. SHIIIIIIINNNNNNEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D =D =D =D
    KEY!!! And the British men! Yes! (Though mine are mainly Korean,
    you picked the best Brits out there. Though you forgot Jeremy Renner. XD)

  4. YOU STOLEDEDED IT! XD Lovely answers! You're almost my height! :3 So I wouldn't seems so tall next to you. XD
    But... Y'all don't celebrate Christmas or Easter?!?! Why? Or am I misunderstanding...?


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